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Hurricane Ida 2021 Press Release – 8/30/21

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Austin, Texas, August 30, 2021 – As the remnants of Hurricane Ida continue to swirl over Louisiana, the Austin Disaster Relief Network has already begun gathering supplies and support to send to those impacted by the devastating storm. The Category 4 hurricane leaves flooding and extensive damage to homes and businesses in its wake, with hundreds of thousands of people without power and many more displaced. As the waters recede, officials believe the damage assessment will be overwhelming.

“It’s too soon to know how many people need help or how much damage Hurricane Ida leaves behind,” said ADRN Executive Director Daniel Geraci. “But the reports we’re getting from our friends and partner organizations in the area are simply heartbreaking. Our Louisiana neighbors will need emergency supplies and support right away as well as help rebuilding their homes for months to come. Austin’s network of churches is ready to stand in the gap and be good neighbors to those impacted by this storm.”

ADRN leaders are also in contact with local churches as well as national and international organizations deployed in the area to coordinate efforts in the days and weeks to come.

Louisiana residents have endured several hurricanes in recent years, including Hurricanes Laura and Delta just weeks apart from each other in 2020. ADRN supported residents impacted by those storms with relief funds and emergency supplies, sending trucks loaded with Survivor Care Kits to affected areas as well as gift cards and clean-up supplies.

ADRN has launched the Hurricane Ida Relief Fund to gather resources for individuals and families impacted by Hurricane Ida. Funds will support emergency needs for disaster survivors, including temporary housing, emergency supplies, food, and other essentials. The relief fund will also go towards rebuilding and restoring safe and clean homes for those impacted by Hurricane Ida. Visit to give online.

In addition to the Hurricane Ida Relief Fund, those who want to help Louisiana residents can assemble Survivor Care Kits and drop them off at ADRN Headquarters or the Hope Family Thrift Store, both located at 1122 E. 51st Street, Austin, TX. These kits contain items such as blankets, hygiene essentials, towels, and pillows. Kits can be customized for men, women, children, or entire families. For a complete list of Survivor Care Kit items and assembly instructions, visit the ADRN response page at

Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of more than 190 Greater Austin churches and thousands of trained volunteers. ADRN’s network enables church members to organize, prepare and respond quickly in the event of a disaster, large or small. ADRN network churches, volunteers, business partners, local agencies, and community organizations provide in-kind and monetary donations and additional volunteer assistance that enables ADRN to fund the rebuild/repair of survivor homes and provide immediate assistance to those in crisis. Learn more at

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