Monitoring Phase

In the monitoring phase, we begin praying for those affected by the disaster while assessing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We then determine how we can best respond to meet those needs.

Mobilization Phase

In the mobilization phase, we have determined that there is a need we can respond to, and we have begun setting objectives and pooling all resources needed to respond.

Response Phase

In the response phase, we provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care to survivors, manage cleanup efforts, handle donations, and coordinate the disaster response.

Demobilization Phase

We move into the demobilization phase after achieving short-term response goals, then focus on long-term survivor care while restoring our resources to readiness status.

Current Disaster Response Efforts​

Hays County / San Marcos Severe Weather

Severe storms caused chaos across San Marcos and the Hays County area overnight on May 9. Sustained 80-mph winds tore through the area, pelting down baseball-sized hail and downing trees and power lines along the way.

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Houston Severe Weather

As life-threatening floods rush through many areas of Texas, ADRN is joining the relief efforts to provide much-needed supplies to survivors.

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Texas Floods - Kirbyville

A state of emergency has been declared in the wake of multiple tornadoes that have struck several Midwest and Great Plains states over the weekend as severe weather moved through the region.

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Bell County Severe Weather

ADRN is monitoring the effects of severe straight line wind damage and tornadoes that touched down in the Bell county area Reports indicate there are homes that have major damage or are destroyed.


Slidell Tornado

This response has been demobilized. Thank you for your support in bringing hope into this disaster.


Midwest / Great Plains Tornadoes

This response has been demobilized. Thank you for your support in bringing hope into this disaster.



Disasters can happen without warning in our region, and you and your family may need to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

We strongly recommend that you prepare Grab & Go Bags for each family member and have a Family Evacuation Plan in place. Download free checklists for both of these today.

Help us bring hope into crisis for survivors of disaster.



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Donations Disclaimer: Gifts to ADRN for a specific disaster response will be used as designated. If a specific disaster response becomes overfunded and identified needs have been addressed, the ADRN Board of Directors will redirect your gift to a similar response effort. All other gifts to ADRN are unrestricted and may be used for any purpose consistent with the mission and vision of ADRN.