Why We Train

Training is a crucial part of our mission at ADRN. By delivering relevant, effective crisis response training to our volunteers, we equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to offer physical, emotional, and spiritual care to those affected by disaster. Through these training efforts, we help to create a network of compassionate and capable individuals in the Church of Greater Austin who are ready to make a positive impact in the lives of those facing challenging times.

Our Training Courses

  • ADRN Volunteer Orientation
  • Disaster Ready: Foundations of Response
  • Crisis Ready: Strengthening Personal Resilience
  • Walking with People in Crisis
  • ADRN Shepherd Onboarding
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Plus
  • Call Center Training
  • Preparedness Peace
  • American Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED
  • Disaster Assessment Team Training

ADRN Training Catalog

Get details on each course including descriptions, time to complete, and cost.

Training For Disaster Response

Disaster response often calls for specific sets of skills. Caring for those who’ve been impacted by disasters also requires preparation, support, and appropriate training. ADRN Training Courses provide the information, practice, and support volunteers need to serve our neighbors well and bring hope into crisis.

Volunteers trained in Critical Incident Stress Management Plus (CISM+) went door-to-door into the Little Walnut Creek community after a flood to offer emergency help and support.

Skills To Serve At Any Time

ADRN Training Courses also provide skills that apply in many situations outside of disaster response. We can use what we learn in our communities, churches, and families to bring hope into all kinds of difficulties. Volunteer John Clark shares how his ADRN training helped him serve his neighbors.

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