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Helping the Cassidy Family Through One Disaster After Another

Disasters don’t just come one at a time, nor do they always happen on a large scale. Whenever someone loses their home to a storm, fire, or flood, it’s a disaster for that family.

But Harry Cassidy and his wife Ashley went through more than just a single disaster in a short time. Right after the couple got married, Ashley suffered a painful head injury in a severe car accident. Then the winter storms hit in February, freezing their pipes and leaving them without water for a month. Then to make matters worse, their house caught fire, and they lost everything.

ADRN partnered with the Red Cross to step in and help Harry and Ashley put the pieces back together. In this challenging season, Harry said his faith in God sustains him.

“This has been the toughest year for me,” Harry said, “but God is restoring everything. That’s what He does.”

Through the generosity of ADRN’s supporters, volunteers, and partners, we were able to help the Cassidy’s find an apartment and cover the deposit and first month’s rent. Business partner Austin Couch Potatoes also stepped up with a furniture donation to help the couple settle into their new home. As crucial as these donations have been, Harry says the spiritual support has been more valuable to him.

“But the main thing and the most important thing they’ve done is pray,” Harry said. “I’d rather have prayer than anything else because I’m not fighting a battle against flesh and blood; this is a spiritual battle.”

“…the main thing and the most important thing they’ve done is pray.”

Harry and Ashley have a long way to go to recover from everything this last year has put them through. Still, their unwavering hope and faith in God inspire everyone around them, including us at ADRN.

The Cassidys are one of 395 families who’ve connected with ADRN this year after experiencing a disaster. Support and prayers from our partners, volunteers, and donors make it possible.

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