Cornerstone Elementary Class Helps Tornado Survivors by Selling Homemade Crafts

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The elementary school students at Cornerstone Connections in Round Rock, Texas, dedicated their spring outreach project this year to help survivors of the Central Texas Tornadoes. Lexa Jack tasked her class of kindergarteners and first and second graders to create and market their own products to be sold at a craft fair.

The students hand-made everything from birdhouses to canvas paintings, clay sculptures, felt puppets, rings, beaded bracelets, necklaces, and paper flower-adorned storage boxes. The class invited parents, grandparents, teachers, and other students to shop at the craft fair. They set up and independently ran their own booth, complete with products and signage. They took turns operating a working cash register, collecting money, and giving back the correct change. The young entrepreneurs even priced and sold their own items. This outreach project incorporated math, public speaking, creativity, and countless other skills. Lexa insisted her students take ownership of their work. “We want it to look like the kids did it. We want it to be project-based and not product-based,” she said.

They raised $510 at the craft fair, selling out almost all of their products, except for a few stickers. Lexa tried rewarding her class for a job well done by giving them away, but the kids refused, insisting they pay for the stickers and donate the money. At the end of the project, the students learned about much more than business and profits. Lexa values teaching her students the importance of community. She gave her class a choice of world organizations to donate their earnings from the craft fair. They unanimously voted to steward the profits to the Round Rock community impacted by the Central Texas Tornadoes. “Generosity needs to be fostered in kids because it’s so outside of our nature,” Lexa said.

“…generosity needs to be fostered in kids…”

Here at ADRN, we’re so grateful for all of Mrs. Jack’s class’s hard work. Thank you for donating to help survivors devastated by the tornadoes. And thank you, Mrs. Jack, for taking the time to teach generosity and the importance of loving your neighbor. As the youngest community partners at ADRN, we’re honored to work with you all to bring hope into crisis.

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