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Churches of Greater Austin Bringing Hope Into Crisis

We are a trained network of churches offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support to disaster survivors to meet short and long-term needs. By serving our communities in times of crisis, we offer the transforming hope of Jesus Christ.

Each week, families in Central Texas go through disasters like house fires, floods, or storms. Whether that crisis impacts one family or one hundred families, it’s a disaster. They need help replacing basics like clothes, shoes, hygiene items, bedding – even furniture, and they need hope for their long-term recovery. ADRN and the Hope Family Thrift Store step in to meet these needs. A family of four receives about $700 worth of essentials. We want to be ready to help 250 families.



In and out of disaster response, Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) serves those in need. With the help of volunteers working alongside our efforts (Community Volunteer or ADRN Volunteer), survivors and those in crisis are able to receive relief through the compassion at the heart of EVERY volunteer serving within our organization.

Seeing God's Beauty After Ashes

When Winter Storm Uri blew into Texas two years ago, millions of Texans found themselves shivering in the dark without running water – some are still recovering. Liz Belrose was one of them.

Areli Cruz and her children

Blessing Three Families

One way ADRN equips the network of churches is by connecting them with disaster survivors in their area who need support. Recently, Sunset Canyon Baptist Church raised $1,000 in a special collection for families who needed help recovering from a crisis. ADRN connected them with three families who lost their homes in fires recently, and facilitated getting gift cards into these survivors’ hands.

Loving Our Neighbors Through The Storm

Splintered trees and broken branches still line some Greater Austin neighborhoods weeks after an ice storm hit in February. For people who don’t have the finances or physical ability to do the work, clean-up is challenging, but teams from ADRN’s network of churches help to carry that burden for their neighbors. 

Interested in launching a Disaster Relief Network in your city?

Are the churches in your community ready to take the first step toward real solutions for preparedness? Whether seeking to launch a network in your city or considering adding disaster response to an existing organization, National Training Academy is the perfect program to help you become a key leader in disaster relief solutions in your community.

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APRIL 12, 2023