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Texas Panhandle Fire

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ADRN Mobilizes:
One of the Largest Fires in Texas History

On February 28, wildfire clusters expanded into a large blaze across the Texas Panhandle, spreading to over 1,300 square miles. Now a record 1 million acres and growing, it is the largest fire in the state’s history. Early numbers show 40+ homes destroyed, thousands of livestock affected, and additional issues such as power outages and water contamination threaten communities. Gov Greg Abbot issued a disaster declaration for 60 counties as emergency response teams fight to contain the blazes.


ADRN actively continues to monitor the situation and anticipates the need for emergency supplies, including hygiene items, clean-out buckets, and funding for residents’ immediate needs. Emotional and spiritual care is also expected for long-term recovery support of those impacted.

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IN CASE OF FIRE: Get Ready Now

Our region remains unusually hot and dry, making the danger of fires and wildfires extremely high. If a fire sparks near your home, you and your family may need to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

We strongly recommend that you prepare Grab & Go Bags for each family member as well as have a Family Evacuation Plan in place. Download free checklists for both of these today.

Help us bring hope into crisis for survivors of disaster.



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