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Northgate Apartment Fire 2022- Press Release (1/7/22)

The Austin Disaster Relief Network goes into action today to help care for residents of the Ventura Apartment Complex after they’ve been displaced from their homes. The early morning fires on Northgate Blvd. left four people I the hospital and forced the entire complex to evacuate. With most, not all, of the 40 units damaged by flames, smoke, and water, ADRN is coordinating their response with the Central Texas Red Cross to take care of the residents’ needs in the short- and long-term.

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Heartland Tornadoes 2021 - Press Release (12/12/21)

The Austin Disaster Relief Network calls on Greater Austin Area residents to donate supplies and resources for Heartland communities devastated by tornadoes over the weekend. Recovery efforts have only just begun in the region, and thousands of residents have lost their homes. ADRN announced tonight that they will collect essential items in Survivor Care Kits and raise funds to send to impacted areas over the coming weeks.

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Hurricane Ida 2021 - Press Release (8/30/21)

As the remnants of Hurricane Ida continue to swirl over Louisiana, the Austin Disaster Relief Network has already begun gathering supplies and support to send to those impacted by the devastating storm. The Category 4 hurricane leaves flooding and extensive damage to homes and businesses in its wake, with hundreds of thousands of people without power and many more displaced. As the waters recede, officials believe the damage assessment will be overwhelming.

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Helping the Cassidy Family Through One Disaster After Another (8/11/21)

Disasters don't just come one at a time, nor do they always happen on a large scale. Whenever someone loses their home to a storm, fire, or flood, it's a disaster for that family. But Harry Cassidy and his wife Ashley went through more than just a single disaster in a short time.

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48-Hour Challenge: An Astounding Run to Benefit ADRN (4/14/21)

When God calls, how far are you willing to go? Two men took this challenge and ran...literally! They put their fitness to the ultimate test for the Lord running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours to raise money for ADRN’s Winter Storm Relief Fund.

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ADRN to Distribute Free Clothing, Food, and Supplies (3/10/21)

Austin, TX, March 10, 2021 – Thanks to a very large donation of new clothes (25,000+) made by a generous corporate donor and the donation of Care Kits by Global Empowerment Mission / B Strong, the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) will distribute free clothing and Care Kits to residents impacted by Winter Strom Uri this Friday, March 12, 2021.

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UPDATE: Crisis Cleanup Hotline Exended (3/08/21)

The “Crisis Cleanup” Hotline for residents who need help cleaning up after the winter storm has been extended and will remain open through Friday, March 12.

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ADRN to Host Intake Center for Winter Storm Assistance (3/01/21)

Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) will operate an Intake Center to assist residents impacted by Winter Storm Uri. Trained and badged ADRN Volunteers will meet with those who need emergency assistance with food, gas, housing, and repairing damage to their homes in the wake of the frigid conditions that blanketed our region in recent weeks.

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Executive Director Daniel Geraci Interviewed on "Exploring the Prophetic" with Shawn Bolz

ADRN Executive Director Daniel Geraci joins Shawn Bolz on "Exploring the Prophetic" podcast. Tune in for stories about how Daniel and ADRN's leadership hear from God before disasters strike, incredible God moments, and the power of prayer when anticipating disaster. Find the full interview wherever you get your podcasts, or click below to listen!

Listen (iTunes)-Exploring the Prophetic with Daniel Geraci-Season 3, Ep. 19


Austin360 by The Austin American Statesman tells ADRN’s Story

The Austin American Statesman shares the history of ADRN and how the network grew from one clear idea, ten years ago.

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