This summer, join us as we raise critical funds needed to meet the needs of disaster survivors. Start an online fundraiser or donate today to help restore hope. Click here!
The Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) is one of the most important leadership positions in ADRN that a volunteer can fulfill within their church in times of disaster. Click Here to Sign Up!
Become spiritually prepared and grounded in truth to help those in need, in times of disaster. Take in person or at home via LIVE STREAM. Sign up here.
Reserve your seat today for a FREE I AM Ready Training Weekend with Dr. Richard Blackaby. He will guide us through seven scriptural principles for developing a true and more authentic relationship with our Creator. Click to learn more!
DRN CERT Training is a 7-day, FEMA backed, and nationally recognized course that will equip and train you in the essentials of disaster preparedness for your local community. Click here for more info.

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Fundraise to Help ADRN Meet the Needs of Local Survivors

Join us and become an online fundraiser, start a fundraiser this summer or donate today to raise critical funds to help recovery efforts and bring families home to safe living conditions. With recent surges in weather-related disasters in Central Texas, more families than usual have been affected over the last few months. As their needs grow, so do ours. If you would like to help, please consider making a donation today or start a fundraiser with your small group, friends, colleagues or family this summer to help us rebuild funds as ADRN meets the increasing needs of families coming through our doors.


Celebrating 10 Years of Transforming Lives

Did you know ADRN has been called "the most effective church networking organization in the entire USA"? Since we rely almost entirely on volunteers, we owe it all to you! Since 2009, Austin Disaster Relief Network has brought emotional, physical, and spiritual relief to those devastated by fires, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Surviving families continue to be sponsored and lives transformed. Learn more about the impact you've made over the last 10 years with the video below!

How You Can Train to Be #IAMReady

Austin Disaster Relief Network trains churches and individual volunteers in advance to be ready to provide critical assistance in times of disaster, great or small. Courses are offered in several areas of support: physical response, emotional/spritual response, spritual development and leadership. Most courses are free to attend if you are an ADRN badged volunteer (completed Orientation). Spiritual Development courses are LIVE streamed to provide optional ways to join classes offered on Tuesday nights. Each area of training provides essential knowledge to equip course attendees with response tools to help survivors in trauma, to assist those impacted by disaster, or to emotionally respond to neighbors or individuals. Courses are offered in various locations of Greater Austin at various churches on the network. View our Calendar or Training page to learn more on you can train to be #IAMReady today.


Are You Looking for a Job? We Are Hiring.

Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) is hiring and in need of your help to fill several key positions. We are looking for individuals to join us in our growth as we continue to support the needs of survivors and advance our local response to small incidents like apartment fires. Consider joining our team today. Work in a spirit filled environment that finds joy in meeting the daily needs of others. Paid positions as well as volunteer staff positions are available in various departments. Interested? View job listings below.