Disasters of all kinds and sizes happen all the time. With ADRN’s I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation, you’ll have the badge and credentials needed to serve our community both in and out of times of disaster. Find out more today.
Be ready when emergency strikes! You can be the hero who was in the right place at the right time when unexpected heart attacks, injuries, or strokes happen. Sign up for training today!
We just earned the Excellence in Giving Transparency Certificate by submitting 175 strategy, leadership, financial, and impact data to NonProfit Analytics. Review our cost-effectiveness here.
A solid spiritual foundation is the key to thriving during times of disaster or crisis. Come learn how to overcome trials and come alongside others affected by disaster. Click here for information.
Come learn how to resolve conflict and restore relationships. Conflict Resolution is an essential, biblical life skill that will benefit you and others you walk alongside. This course is for all badged ADRN volunteers. Click here to sign up.

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Running 100 Miles For Hope: Seth's Ultramarathon for ADRN (12/21/20)

100 miles is a lot of ground to cover, even for a trained runner like Seth. But with his team working together and family cheering them on with homemade signs, every mile Seth ran meant he was able to bring hope to families who need it most.

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16-Year-Old Makes It Her Business To Bring Hope To Those In Crisis (10/30/20)

Jennifer founded her company Nutssosweet to support healthy eating and the Austin community at the same time. With some help from her younger sister, she makes and sells donuts, sweet bread, a variety of granola mixtures, and mason jars full of nutrient-dense nut butter. Nutssosweet’s organic products are more than just delicious and nutritious – they offer hope to Austin-area disaster survivors.

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ADRN Calls for Support for Gulf Coast Neighbors as Second Hurricane Slams Into Louisiana Coast (10/12/20)

Austin, TX, October 12, 2020 – With the second hurricane in six weeks hitting the Louisiana coast line, the Austin Disaster Relief Network redoubles its response efforts on behalf of our Gulf Coast neighbors in need. Hurricane Delta, a Category 2 storm, slammed into the same communities devastated by Hurricane Laura in late August. Damaging winds and several inches of rain from Delta have deepened the crisis for residents still reeling from losing homes and businesses in Laura’s wake.

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Executive Director Daniel Geraci Interviewed on "Exploring the Prophetic" with Shawn Bolz

ADRN Executive Director Daniel Geraci joins Shawn Bolz on "Exploring the Prophetic" podcast. Tune in for stories about how Daniel and ADRN's leadership hear from God before disasters strike, incredible God moments, and the power of prayer when anticipating disaster. Find the full interview wherever you get your podcasts, or click below to listen!

Listen (iTunes)-Exploring the Prophetic with Daniel Geraci-Season 3, Ep. 19


Austin360 by The Austin American Statesman tells ADRN’s Story

The Austin American Statesman shares the history of ADRN and how the network grew from one clear idea, ten years ago.

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