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Each week, families in Central Texas go through disasters like house fires, floods, or storms. Whether that crisis impacts one family or one hundred families, it’s a disaster. They need help replacing basics like clothes, shoes, hygiene items, bedding – even furniture, and they need hope for their long-term recovery. ADRN and the Hope Family Thrift Store step in to meet these needs. A family of four receives about $700 worth of essentials. We want to be ready to help 250 families.

All gifts to ADRN are used as restricted, if applicable. However, in the event that a specific disaster response becomes overfunded, your gift will be redirected to similar disaster response efforts by the ADRN Board of Directors once all identified needs related to the fund to which you have donated have been addressed.

One night in January, Tammy Davis and her family woke up in the middle of the night to a fire in their home.

They escaped the blaze, but fire and smoke destroyed nearly all of their personal belongings. After spending the night sleeping in her car, Tamar woke up the next day faced with the challenge of finding clothes and essentials for herself, her daughter, and her granddaughter.

Through ADRN and the Hope Family Thrift Store, the Davis family received clothing, shoes, and other essentials – all in a dignified and clean environment.

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Partner with us to support families impacted by disaster.

Families who lose everything in a disaster have to put their lives back together one toothbrush, one towel, and one pair of shoes at a time. You can love your neighbors and help them replace the basics they’ve lost. Through ADRN and the Hope Family Thrift Store (HFTS), a family of four can shop in a clean and dignified environment for clothing, bedding, furniture, and more – essentials valued at an average of about $700 per family. 

Love your neighbor this month and support families like the Davis Family. Give today and provide resources for the support they need.


the cost of 5 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes per family member, bedding and hygiene kits for the whole family


the cost of 5 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, bedding, and a hygiene kit for one person


the cost of 5 sets of clothing for one person


the cost of one set of clothing


the cost of bedding and a hygiene kit for one person


the cost of one pair of shoes

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Donations Disclaimer: Gifts to ADRN for a specific disaster response will be used as designated. If a specific disaster response becomes overfunded and identified needs have been addressed, the ADRN Board of Directors will redirect your gift to a similar response effort. All other gifts to ADRN are unrestricted and may be used for any purpose consistent with the mission and vision of ADRN.