GOAL: $25,000

PLUS every new donation will be matched dollar-for dollar so you can DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT

Emergency shelter and accommodations;

Essential needs like food, hygiene items, and clothing;

Resources to rebuild homes and lives;

Emotional and spiritual support in the short- and long-term, and more!

ADRN responds to more than the major disasters that make the news.

This summer, Wilmer Vanegas, his son, Wilmer Jr., and daughter-in-law, Miriam, looked forward to the arrival of Wilmer and Miriam’s first baby in a few months. But on a hot August afternoon, when no one was home, an old washer sitting outside began to smoke. Soon, it caught fire, and the flames quickly spread to the house nearby. Within moments, everything the Vanegas family owned – their furniture, their clothes, their home – was gone.

Devastated by this disaster, Wilmer reached out to ADRN. We immediately gave the family emergency funds for food and vouchers to the Hope Family Thrift Store for clothes. Volunteers heard their stories, prayed with them, and offered them compassion and hope. We also connected them with long-term support and the resources they needed to start again. Today, they live in a new apartment, rebuilding their lives and planning for the baby that will be here soon.

We help 80-100 families like Wilmer’s each year in single-home disasters.

We need your help to stay ready with the resources these families need after disaster strikes.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our partners, every new donation will be matched dollar for dollar. That means you can DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT and support disaster survivors in Central Texas all year long when you give to ADRN.

Join the global day of giving and give hope to disaster survivors today!

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