ADRN T-Shirt Policy

ADRN Yellow T-Shirt, Badge and Logo Policy


The Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) Yellow T-shirt and badge is your uniform when responding to disasters with ADRN. As an ADRN volunteer, when you wear your shirt and badge, you are representing your church, the network of churches, and ultimately, the Lord to our community and those impacted by disaster. Therefore, this guideline is meant to help maintain the integrity of this organization through volunteers who represent it. (Only volunteers who have completed the required ADRN Orientation and who have not committed violent crimes against children and/or are registered sex offenders are eligible to purchase a yellow ADRN deployment T-shirt. Badges are given after completion of Orientation and certain advanced trainings.)

Yellow T-Shirt and Badge Are To Be Worn Only When:

  • Responding to an “official” ADRN deployment led by ADRN leadership
  • At ADRN gatherings, trainings, and events
  • Volunteering with ADRN
  • Promoting ADRN at your local church

What is NOT Approved

  • Wearing your yellow shirt to self-deploy with your church, ministry, or friends but not under official ADRN leadership guidance and/or ADRN pre-approved deployment sites.
  • Using ADRN logos or material without ADRN staff approval (e.g. making your own ADRN shirt/signs)
  • Attending other “events” before/after serving with ADRN. ADRN recommends that, if all possible, an ADRN volunteer changes shirts
  • Wearing your yellow shirt leisurely, during personal activities or running errands

Restrictions on Sharing/Altering Your Shirt or Badge

Your yellow ADRN T-shirt and badge were assigned to you upon the successful completion of a sex offender check, verification of no violent crimes against children, and Orientation training. It is very important that they are not shared or given to anyone unless they have also completed ADRN Orientation and are official ADRN volunteers. To maintain the integrity of the shirt and ADRN representation in the field, your yellow shirt is to remain intact, free of any cuttings or alterations.

What To Do If You Will No Longer Use Your Shirt or Badge

Should you choose to no longer be involved with ADRN as a volunteer, please shred your yellow shirt and throw your yellow shirt and badge away, or return them to ADRN Headquarters (1122 E. 51st St – Austin, TX 78723). Please DO NOT donate them or give them to others unless they are ADRN-badged volunteers. If your ADRN T-shirt and badge are returned in good condition, you may qualify for a $10.00 reimbursement.

Restrictions on Using the ADRN Brand, Logo, and Tagline

The ADRN brand, logo, name, acronym, and tagline are trademarked and copyrighted to ADRN. Any use without our knowledge or consent would be considered copyright infringement. This includes apparel, field shirts, badges, images, logos, and any item that displays or uses the ADRN logo or name or is branded with our identity. By protecting the use of the ADRN brand, we are protecting our voice and mission for the Church in Greater Austin. For use of ADRN’s logo, brand, or tagline and/or questions about the proper usage of them, please email, or if you have questions about wearing your shirt/badge, email

Please note that not following the guidelines listed in this document may result in having your yellow shirt and badge revoked, therefore preventing you from being deployed with ADRN during a disaster response. Thank you for helping us maintain the integrity of this organization by honoring these guidelines.

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