Volunteer – Disaster Relief Coordinator (DRC)

Job Summary:

The Disaster Relief Coordinator (DRC) provides leadership for preparedness training and disaster relief activities within their church and in cooperation with other churches in their sector.

A DRC leads volunteers and church attendees in the following aspects:

Prayer – sharpen the reflex of seeking God in crisis; challenge themselves and others to grow in their relationship with God.

Relationship – serve others in love to help them reach their potential; invest in relationally connecting disaster-relief volunteers with each other

Preparation – set the bar in personal preparedness, challenge church attendees to greater personal preparedness, and work with other churches & community organizations to prepare for disaster.

Response – mobilize people after a disaster to respond within their training skill sets; lead with a bias to action and engagement with others.


A DRC exercises the following capabilities in their leadership role:

Communicate between church staff, volunteers, and ADRN organization before and after disaster strikes.

Organize volunteer service, resources, logistics, response planning

Inspire volunteers with the why behind training and service opportunities and help them see the impact of their service

Empower leaders and volunteers to own their responsibilities without micromanaging while providing clear direction and feedback along the way

Grow as a leader, increase in effectiveness as a disaster relief team, and deepen in relationship with God and others.


  • Passion for the work of disaster relief and the opportunity to advance God’s kingdom through it.
  • High level of relational trust with church leadership; leadership trusts both the character and competency of DRC to empower them in this capacity.
  • Completion of ADRN Basic Training
  • Completion of DRC Training Modules
  • DRC Commitment & Ethics Statement (signed by Pastor and DRC)
  • A successful background check


  • Agree with ADRN Statement of Faith
  • Meet regularly with all disaster relief volunteers from your church
  • Schedule regular check-in meetings with church leadership
  • Communicate regularly with your Sector Leader, especially in times of disaster.
  • Attend sector DRC Meetings
  • Attend periodic DRC Citywide Gatherings 
  • Develop a Core Leadership Team to help lead your church in crisis response.
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