North Texas and Temple Tornadoes

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Tornadoes Impact Communities Across the State

Multiple tornadoes touched down in Texas this past week, wreaking havoc in communities across the state.

The North Texas Tornadoes brought a total of four twisters with an EF-3 level tearing through Valley View on May 26. Hundreds of people were injured and 100k+ residents left without power on Sunday. Further assessments and cleanup efforts are underway even as the community reels from the impact of 7 deaths that occurred, including those of 2 young children.

Meanwhile on May 22 in Temple, Texas, a confirmed EF-2 tornado left hundreds of homes and businesses as rubble, injuring 30 and taking down power lines and trees along the way. A state of emergency was declared for the city, and debris cleanup is ongoing as the community rallies to recover.

ADRN is mobilizing prayer teams, managing donations and supporting partners responding to cleanup requests in the areas.

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Tornados touch down quickly without warning. You and your family may need to take cover at a moment’s notice or stay at a temporary shelter after the storm.

We strongly recommend that you prepare Grab & Go Bags for each family member as well as have a Family Evacuation Plan in place. Download free checklists for both of these today.

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