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Our Ministry is Growing!

Austin Disaster Relief Network and Hope Family Thrift Store are looking for candidates to fill several important positions within our organizations. Join our teams to work along-side like-minded individuals in a spirit-filled, Christian environment serving survivors of disaster, unifying churches of Greater Austin and building infrastructure to advance our mission and vision in 2018. Be part of this exciting time to make an impact by joining our teams. Apply for a position below.

All those who apply to work within our Christian ministry and organization must be in agreement with our Ethical Standards.

Volunteer Staff Positions...

We are looking for skilled and experienced volunteers who are able to serve in several unique areas within our organization. Click the button below to view these job listings and contact information.

Volunteer Staff Positions


Network Development

Volunteer Development Manager - Full Time Exempt

ADRN is seeking a Volunteer Development Manager (VDM) to help formulate and execute a Volunteer Development Management program that incorporates all the areas that our population of volunteers are subject to. The Volunteer Development Manager’s primary responsibility is to participate in formalizing, standardizing, implementing, and overseeing a comprehensive volunteer development management program that will prepare and utilize ADRN’s volunteers to accomplish ADRN’s mission and vision. The VDM takes primary responsibility for recruiting, orienting, placing and retaining volunteers. The VDM reports to the Chief Development Officer. Read the full listing. To apply or for more information please email HR.

Church Development Coordinator - Full Time Exempt

ADRN is seeking a Church Development Coordinator (CDC) with experience of working closely with church leadership and volunteers along with a desire to support, design, and implement ADRN’s Life-Sustaining Church Network program within its network of churches. The Church Development Coordinator’s (CDC) primary responsibility is to assist in maintaining and establishing relationships with churches across Greater Austin, to build a strong network of relationships, capable of responding to ever-increasing disasters based on ADRN’s Life-Sustaining Church Network model. The CDC reports to the Church Development Manager (CDM). The CDC will be a key member of the Church Development team, who will help set the future direction of ADRN’s church network, the way it is organized for disaster response and innovative ways to train and prepare the body of Christ. Read the full listing. To apply or for more information please email HR.