“Feed my People”

When the call to serve meals to Austin’s high-risk homeless population came, Marty and Carol Robbins carefully considered the risk to themselves and chose to accept the call.

Joining 63 other volunteers donning face masks and gloves, Marty and Carol served lunch and dinner to homeless people in self-isolation 5-days a week for weeks on end.

In addition to prepping and delivering food through the City of Austin’s ProLodge program, they distributed any left-overs to people under bridges. Marty and Carol managed to do all this while still doing their everyday jobs.

“We feel like this is something we should be doing and we can be doing,” Marty said. “Jesus called on the Church to support the community. I think when there’s a need, you can bind your community together by serving during that time.”

This is far from the first time Marty and Carol have put their schedules on the back burner to serve the needs of others. Members of Gateway Church, the couple first signed-on to become ADRN volunteers back in March of 2017. After completing Orientation & Preparedness Training, they both turned their focus to CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) and ADRN’s spiritual trainings.

Today, their “disaster response resume” is a reflection of their tireless commitment to serving those impacted by disaster.

They provided emotional/spiritual care at the Metcenter after Hurricane Harvey, and again during the Love Port Arthur initiative. They also used their CISM and spiritual training to help those impacted by the floods in La Grange as well as those impacted by the San Marcos Fires. Additionally, they went to Hankamer after Tropical Depression Imelda as part of the CISM core team.

While Marty admits to feeling a bit of CISM fatigue, he also says that as a Christian, he feels a responsibility to serve those in need.

“Jesus said feed my people. When I’m hungry feed me. When I’m thirsty, give me something to drink,” Marty said. “I want to know that when I get to heaven, I can say yes, I did feed people who were hungry; I clothed people, and I gave them something to drink.”

Marty is also inspired to pay it forward by the love and support his family received from others in their times of need.

“You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving,” Marty said. “Once you accept Christ in your heart, it becomes a desire in your heart to serve.”

We are grateful to Marty, Carol and all our yellow shirts who seek to bring glory to God by serving those impacted by disaster. No matter who you are, God can use you to make a powerful impact in His Kingdom!

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