Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM+)

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM+) is designed to address the immediate psychological needs of individuals exposed to a critical incident or a traumatic event. The primary goal of CISM+ is to help individuals cope with the emotional impact of the incident, prevent the development of long-term psychological issues, and facilitate the return to a functional and healthy state. Through this course, you’ll be equipped with crisis intervention techniques and coping mechanisms to assist and minister to those who have experienced trauma. This 1- 1/2 day course consists of instruction followed by a simulation where you can put your new skills into practice.

Hourly Schedule

Friday Schedule (6pm-9pm)

6pm - 9pm *Dinner provided
Sessions 1 & 2
Foundations of CISM+ and The ICI Process

Saturday Schedule (8am-4pm)

8am - 11:30am *Breakfast provided
Sessions 3 & 4
Understanding Stress and Trauma
11:30am - 12pm
Provided by Life Church Leander
12pm - 2pm
Sessions 5 & 6
Active Listening and Conducting an ICI
2pm - 4pm


Feb 09 - 10 2024




Life Church Leander
1393 E. Woodview Drive, Leander, TX


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