Debris Clean-Up Companies

We have compiled this list of local debris clean-up information, services, and companies as a resource for residents needing assistance.

DISCLAIMER: This information does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of ADRN or any of its employees or contractors acting on its behalf. ADRN is not liable in any way for actions or services provided by the companies below. Individuals should perform all due diligence in independently vetting professional services, information, and costs.

2-1-1 2-1-1Service provided by Texas Health and Human Services
ABC Home & Commercial Services - Landscaping Department (512) 220-7705Booked out a month. They have 8 crews with a 2 to 4-man crew. They charge by the scope of work and what is needed. The base price is $350, and by the hour. Around $150 to $200 per hour.
Affordable Tree Trimming(512) 769-5711No minimum. Price is gauged per workload. No charge for an estimate. "Extra Care Discount" big team. Insured
Angel's Tree Service (737) 216-8982Free estimates. The minimum is $375. Bid by the job.
Austin Tree Services 512-982-4843Free estimate.
Austin Tree Surgeons 512-301-4400 Free estimates. Military discount. Provide bids for the amount of work.
Beny's Tree Service (512) 412-3784The base price of $250. Free estimates.
Capitol Tree Care (512) 913-6833Free estimate for brush removal. The base Price is $350 + tax. Veterans discount. Over-the-phone estimate for debris haul-off. Booked until the end of May.
GARSC - Greater Austin Residential Service Company 512-360-0480Hourly full-day rate is $580, and half-day is $408…$90 up to $300 for debris disposal. They do not have a big trailer. Travis County only. The team is small and the schedule fills up quickly.
Good Guys Tree Service (512) 743-3909Minimum of $500. Free onsite estimate. Bid by the job.
Happy Tree Service of Austin (512) 212-0010Estimates are free. Provides bids. Available 2nd week of May. $375 an hour.
Monarch Tree Service ATX (737) 218-0977Estimates are free. $250 to come out to the property. 4 guys are $250 per hour. larger crews.
Sid Mourning Tree Service 512-420-0733Bid by the job. 2-week wait. Free estimates. Minimum payment of $500. Email:
Sullivan's Landscaping & Lawn Service (512) 599-4565n/a
Taylor Lawns (737) 268-8237n/a
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