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Hurricane Laura Response Press Release

AUSTIN DISASTER RELIEF NETWORK ACTIVATING TO ASSIST GALVESTON EVACUEES FLEEING FROM HURRICANE LAURA Austin, TX, August 25, 2020 – As Galveston residents flee their homes to escape Hurricane Laura, the Austin Disaster Relief Network announced today plans to mobilize its ...
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September Sacred Assembly

Dear ADRN Family, I believe we can all agree that we live in unprecedented times; and unprecedented times demand an unprecedented response. What if the whole Church in Greater Austin united together with ONE heart and ONE voice to fast ...
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Yellow Shirt Spotlight: Jennifer Morales

Jennifer Morales has a desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to whoever needs to hear it. In fact while she was studying for her Masters in Chaplaincy, one of her professors suggested that she volunteer with a local organization ...
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From Dribbling to Delivering — #YellowShirt Spotlight

In these difficult times it is most reassuring to know there are folks willing to put those who are less fortunate before their own interests. When the COVID-19 crisis hit the city of Austin, Nick Erskine, one of ADRN's newest ...
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Anna’s Disaster Recovery Journey

A worldwide pandemic. Civil unrest. The times we’re living in are unprecedented, uncertain and precarious – you’ve heard all the terms. But disasters don’t stop when pandemics and riots take center stage. Destructive storms continue to wreak havoc on communities ...
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“Feed my People” — #YellowShirt Spotlight

When the call to serve meals to Austin’s high-risk homeless population came, Marty and Carol Robbins carefully considered the risk to themselves and chose to accept the call. Joining 63 other volunteers donning face masks and gloves, Marty and Carol ...
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A Special Message from our Executive Director, Daniel Geraci

Dear ADRN Family, I want to cover two areas in regards to the Coronavirus:
    1. What the Lord may be saying to us as His Church
    2. ADRN's response to the Coronavirus
What is the Lord ...
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A Story of Inspiration for Volunteers of all Ages

Volunteer Spotlight Blog: Hannah Legler We’re always interested in learning more about our volunteers! We want to know what inspires them to serve, why they chose to serve through ADRN, what their journey as a yellow shirt looks like and ...
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Special Message from Director Copy

Can you/your family pass this Preparedness Test? Dear ADRN Family and the Church of Greater Austin, In this new year, we believe the Lord has given ADRN leadership clarity on His desire to prepare the Greater Austin Church with the ...
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Executive Director Newsletters

Catch up with the latest year-end campaign news below. Take a look at the past year in review, and be on board with ADRN’s Vision for 2020 with letter's released from ADRN Executive Director and founder, Daniel Geraci.

Dec 10, 2019 -- When a Vision Becomes a Reality
Dec 16, 2019 -- Because of Love
December, 2019 – Vision 2020 Letter
End of Year Giving 2019: Give the Greatest Gift
Giving Tuesday, Save the Date
Giving Tuesday, One Day Away