Year End Giving 2017

Dear Friend of ADRN,

Wow! What a year it has been for His Church! I believe God so loves the people impacted by disaster that He formed a church network eight years ago in Greater Austin to mobilize, organize, connect and train church members in advance in order to “Bring Hope into Crisis” when disaster strikes a community. Thanks to your support, ADRN was able to mobilize thousands of trained volunteers and help churches in other cities mobilize, get organized and train church members to respond efficiently and effectively to meet the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of thousands of survivors impacted in their communities. In addition to Hurricane Harvey relief, we responded to 80+ small disasters in 2017.

Today, nearly 200 churches and thousands of trained volunteers are helping fulfill this mission along with God inspired donors, like you, that have financially helped us meet the high demands of disaster response. You have also helped the church become relevant in the eyes of city governments, Federal and State agencies, businesses and survivors around the nation! Once again, thank you for following God’s leading and giving of your time, talent and gifts into this ministry! We have done this together as an instrument in God’s hands. Would you prayerfully consider sustaining the church’s impact through ADRN, by an end of year financial gift?

ADRN Response

2017 Praise Report | His Story. His Impact.

Since August 25th, the landfall of Hurricane Harvey, ADRN has assisted over 19,000 survivors, meeting their emotional, spiritual and physical needs! We could have only done this through a network of Churches and trained volunteers. This kind of impact takes me back to an email I sent our volunteers in March, sharing the vision we believe God has given us for the next seven years: to equip churches to “Sustain Life.” As daunting of a task as this may sound, we are beginning to see how important it will be in the future for churches to sustain life when normal community infrastructures and city governments are overwhelmed and unable to meet the entire need of the community. During the first two weeks of our Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, ADRN partnered with Charlie Bravo Aviation, Celebration Church and several churches in East Texas to fly hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, water and emergency supplies to people that were trapped and surrounded by water. Through these partnerships, hundreds of lives were sustained and vital needs met. What would it look like for Greater Austin churches to be this ready in seven years?  Dream with us!

Who can be against us when God is for us! God continues to grant ADRN favor in advance to order to meet large needs quickly:


Austin Mayor, Steve Adler asked ADRN to become the main distribution center for all of Austin to collect, sort and ship needed supplies and goods to Hurricane Harvey-impacted areas. For the first five days, ADRN Headquarters had over 6,500 cars drop off goods and supplies! Between ADRN HQ and Celebration Church, over 115 semi’s worth of goods have been shipped.

(Photo: Pflugerville Mayor Victor Gonzales and Austin Mayor Steve Adler visit with Daniel Geraci during Harvey Response at ADRN HQ)


Hope Family Thrift Store (HFTS) assisted an estimated 2,150 Hurricane Harvey survivors, providing over $45,000 in FREE clothing, shoes, linens, and more in just five short weeks.

(Photo: Paul Simon and his son tour ADRN HQ and visit with a family)

call center

ADRN’s Call Center has been incredibly important during Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, experiencing over 20,000 in-bound and out-bound calls through trained volunteers who provided emotional, spiritual care along with important resource information to survivors, volunteers and donors.

HOPE Prayer Room

HOPE Prayer Room (HPR) held non-stop prayer and worship for 3.2 days (80 hrs, nearly 40 worship and prayer leaders/ teams) asking God to protect greater Austin area from Hurricane Harvey rains. God answered our prayers and spared greater Austin!

Videos of ADRN's Hurricane Harvey Response

(Video Use: Courtesy of Deidox Films)

(Video Use: Courtesy of Deidox Films)

ADRN Vision 2018

Top Goals for 2018

• Hire up to 12 full-time “missionary” Sector Leaders and a Business & Volunteer Development Manager

• Prepare and train Greater Austin churches to become “Life-Sustaining” churches

• Complete custom Disaster Assistance Software that will give ADRN leadership, churches, ministry partners and volunteers, instant access to disaster survivor info, needs and resources

• 2018 National Disaster Relief Preparedness & Leadership Conference—September 27th–29th, 2018 at Riverbend Church. The conference goal is to prepare individuals and families for times of crisis along with inviting spiritual leaders from the nation to learn about developing a Disaster Relief Church Network in their city.

Our Needs for 2018

Please prayerfully consider placing ADRN in your personal/family monthly budget for 2018 and/or make a one-time donation to support the mission of Austin Disaster Relief Network. Our goal is to raise $250,000.


Here are four ways you can help us:

One-Time Donation   Support the overall mission of ADRN.

Invest in Training the Church to Become Ready
Donate to the ADRN Training Program. ADRN’s training goal is to provide quality trainings that are either FREE or at a substantially reduced price to ensure all volunteers are equipped and ready to respond for Christ in times of disaster.  In 2017, ADRN will offer
157 days of emotional, spiritual and physical disaster response trainings to ensure our church volunteers are ready. Help us keep
the majority of our trainings FREE!

• $50 will cover the training expense for one volunteer’s advanced certified training

• $100 for two volunteers

• $250 for five volunteers

• $500 for ten volunteers

Invest in our Future: Volunteer Development Manager and Business Development Manager Needed!
With 1,600+ volunteers joining the network just in the first 9 months of 2017 and with over 800 businesses interested in ADRN, the need for a Volunteer and Business Development Manager is great!

• $1,000 donation will help our Volunteer Development Manager develop our Retiree/Intern Program

• $4,000 donation will cover two weeks of training for both new hires

• $8,000 donation will cover 30-days of Volunteer & Business Development - the impact will be great

Help us Finish the #1 Tool for our Future: ADRN’s Disaster Assistance Software
Since January 2017, ADRN has been developing a six-module custom database to give ADRN leadership, churches, volunteers and ministry partners the necessary tools to ensure survivor’s needs are met at an unprecedented speed of service and help the church walk in excellence in the eyes of the community and local/state government. Helping us complete our digitalized in-the-field system will dramatically change our impact to the survivor and give cities mirroring our model, infrastructure to mobilize disaster response!

• $5,000 will complete the Training Module, which will give us the ability to have online training

• $25,000 donation will cover the costs of the Disaster Ready module, putting us in the digital age

• $50,000 donation will pay for two Disaster Assistance modules to be completed

• $100,000 will enable us to finish the entire project by September 2018


Thanks again for your support, prayers and love! May God crown you and your family in His goodness in 2018!


Daniel Geraci | ADRN Founder and Executive Director

PS: Will you invest in the infrastructure of ADRN today to help us assist survivors, mobilize churches and empower cities tomorrow?