ADRN Winter Storm Response – Church Next Steps


Thank you for saying YES to mobilizing your church to cleanup/remove debris at homes across Greater Austin. What an opportunity we have to bring the Good News to so many people! Here are the next steps to getting started:

STEP ONE: Watch this short 6-minute video on how to use the system.

STEP TWO: Register Your Organization

STEP THREE: Claim Work Orders

We have a work orders coming in by the minute, and we believe the number of requests will climb to the hundreds. We've already received lots of fallen branches/tree debris cleanup requests.

STEP FOUR: Deploy!

STEP FIVE: Give Away Bibles and Pray

We are asking all Churches to give a Bible to the homeowner and have your crew sign it as a special gift to them from God. Also, please have every team that deploys pray with the homeowner and if led, share the gospel. Remember, the worst disaster of all is that a homeowner has their home cleaned up, fixed up but their internal home is still on Fire and they ultimately never meet Jesus.

STEP SIX: Keep Track of All Volunteer Hours

***IMPORTANT: Please remember that your county has asked for your volunteer hours in order to claim them with FEMA so they will ultimately be paid back funds for every volunteer's time. ADRN will ultimately need a spreadsheet that includes the first and last name of the volunteer, type of work they did (MUCK OUT or DEBRIS REMOVAL) and the volunteer's start time and end time and their TOTAL WORK TIME. You will also want to tally all volunteer total hours to create a GRAND TOTAL. IF you decide to work in more than one county, we will need a spreadsheet of hours for each county you work in so we can give the sheet to the county at the end of your deployment. We will not need this spreadsheet until your church has finished with all the homes you want to assist.

Please send your spreadsheet to: and your subject line should be your Church Name and FEMA VOLUNTEER HOURS.

STEP SEVEN: Link to Sign Up Sheet

ADRN needs the link for your church's volunteer signup so we can send spontaneous volunteers to your site to volunteer. Right now, we have 17+ churches that have said YES to cleaning up homes. We will be pointing hundreds of additional spontaneous volunteers to link along with the other church links. This is a BIG opportunity to connect with potentially many unbelieving volunteers.

Please email your link to as soon as you create them. Lots of volunteers around the Greater Austin Area have shown interest to deploy!


Someone from our team will send you 4-5 critical docs that you might have interest in using for your cleanup. The docs will include volunteer liability form, muck out tool checklist, safety debrief, and more.


If you need additional wheelbarrows, utility knives, pry bars, push brooms, work gloves, face masks (we have thousands) and more, let us know by emailing (Subject Line: I Need Tools).

Thank you! May the Lord’s Kingdom Advance through this entire effort!! God bless.