Volunteer Training

With ADRN's training courses, our volunteers are able to equip themselves, their church, families, community and those we assist before and after disaster, providing emotional, physical and spiritual support.

ADRN has TWO pathways for new volunteers: ADRN Volunteer and Community Volunteer. There are requirements to become an ADRN volunteer.  It is recommended that you click here to read about both pathways and their requirements before proceeding on this page.

We encourage all new volunteers that want to become an ADRN Volunteer to go through our Orientation and Preparedness Course to become a badged and credentialed volunteer. This 3-hour course is free and provides an introduction to ADRN, information about our training road map, and more. Once a volunteer completes this course, they will become a badged and credentialed volunteer, able to serve with ADRN and wear our ADRN Disaster Relief Team shirt and badge in the field to represent our organization.

After completing this first course, we offer a variety of spiritual, preparedness, and response trainings for volunteers - there is something for everyone.  

Why Spiritual Trainings?

To prepare our hearts and minds for times of crisis and to empower us to walk in the peace that surpasses understanding, bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to our community

Why Preparedness Trainings?

To prepare our families, neighborhoods and churches to be equipped to not just survive a crisis ourselves, but to extend assistance to those around us and show the generous and loving nature of Jesus Christ to our community

Why Response Trainings?

To glorify Christ by equipping, empowering, and mobilizing a network of churches to respond to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those affected by disaster, great or small.


Training Opportunities (Courses)  

Need More Help?

If you would like more information about ADRN's volunteer opportunities, please email us or  call us at 512-428-6322.