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Dear ADRN Family,

I recently read a fascinating book called The Tragedy of American Compassion by Marvin Olasky, which outlines the rise of government social programs in the mid-1800s and the corresponding decline of church compassion ministries. According to Olasky, local churches once led the way in meeting our neighbors’ needs. But within a short season, the government became the primary life-sustaining resource for the poor and helpless in our communities. My heart broke when I read this. Think of all the missed opportunities for believers to share God’s love with people in crisis!

Now consider how blessed we are in Greater Austin to witness God moving through His Church, meeting the needs of those impacted by disaster day in and day out! Since 2009, the Austin Disaster Relief Network of local churches has served more than 350,000 people with the hope of Jesus during their crisis. We still have a lot of work to do, but how wonderful it is to see the Bride of Christ step back into her role as a life-sustaining resource for disaster survivors, helping them get back on their feet emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Let’s pray and ask God for more of this!

Download the complete Vision 2023 Director’s letter here.

“The tornado came to Elgin and wiped away everything,” Paul said. “The back of our house was torn all up. The roof peeled off…but God never steers you wrong, and He sent a man to help us.”  -Paul Hawkin



ADRN’s national division, United Disaster Relief Network (UDRN), has been working hard to share our disaster response model with other cities nationwide.  



1 ADRN responded to Hurricane Ian by collaborating with our network partners to support churches and non-profits in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Naples, Florida, and shipping disaster supplies to our Florida neighbors in need.

2 ADRN and UDRN’s training teams spent thousands of hours developing ADRN’s top four online courses for local and national training needs.


3 Through the 2:44 Cares Fund, ADRN helped raise and distribute $232,000 for 25 Greater Austin churches and
ministries financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

4 ADRN’s HOPE Prayer Center hired Charlie Lujan as their National Prayer Center Director in January. Since then, his team has trained hundreds of new prayer warriors to launch a national prayer team to pray behind newly formed church disaster relief networks. To join the national prayer team, email us.

SINCE 2009…

ADRN collected more than 400 Survivor Care Kits to send to Florida residents impacted by Hurricane Ian. Our friends at Love, Tito’s generously donated two trucks and drivers to ship these emergency supplies along with Clean-Up Kits, hygiene kits, cots, blankets, and other items to Orlando, Kissimmee, and Naples.

We’re also grateful for our partners who donated resources and supplies for this effort, including the United Rescue Alliance, just keep livin Foundation, DentaQuest, and the Greater Orlando Disaster Relief Network.

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.



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