Training Specials


                                               SAVE & REGISTER EARLY!

Enjoy our EARLY BIRD SPECIALS when you register in advance for our courses:

$95 Discount price extended when you register 60-5 days before training starts

$105 Regular training price starts 5-1 days before training starts

$125 Last Minute Registrants & Walk In pricing day before and at the door

Buddy/Spouse/Combo Special – Purchase 2 Trainings (CERT & CERT, CISM & CISM or CERT & CISM any combination) for $75 each ($150 for two). Email for this special.

SPECIAL FREE TRAINING VOUCHER OFFER: Volunteer your time in course hours at the ADRN Hope Family Thrift Store in exchange for FREE American Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED Training! A voucher will be given after your service time in the store, required before the course dates. Submit voucher to Training Dept. prior to start of training, in lieu of course payment! See below for details. For questions, email


CPR Training (10 hour course) = Volunteer 16 hours in the store
HAM Radio Training (24 hour course) = Volunteer 24 hours in the store
Chaplaincy Training (30 hour course) = Volunteer 36 hours in the store 

Look on our calendar for upcoming course times in 2017.
Check with Sharon to apply discount before registering online.

Scholarships available for full-time students and those impacted by financial hardship.
Please email Sharon to see if you qualify BEFORE registering online.