Sector Leader

Sector Leader (HUB Coordinator):

Greater Austin has been divided into 12 geographical areas called sectors. By definition, a HUB Coordinator (HC) is a Sector Manager of at least one of those sectors. HCs are directly accountable to their HUB Master (HM) to coordinate training for DRCs and volunteers, disaster relief plan implementation, collection of resource information and activities of DRC’s in their assigned sector. HCs are responsible for developing long-term relationships with DRCs in their assigned sector. HCs are required to work with small churches in their sectors to network together or with larger churches in that sector so they can become part of ADRN. HCs will coordinate with their DRCs in working with existing ADRN church pastors within their sector. They will work to enhance the pastor’s understanding of ADRN, their churches role in ADRN activities, and in motivating their ADRN volunteers. That motivation includes participation in ADRN activities and preparations to be activated for a disaster.

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