Training Opportunities

Austin Disaster Relief Network prepares and trains our volunteers to be ready to respond to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those affected by disaster, great or small. Our courses are categorized based on our internal volunteer RC training pathways. To help navigate the areas of training development, we have listed the courses below, their required course hours for completion, descriptions and cost.


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New Volunteers - Mandatory Orientation

ADRN Orientation & Preparedness Class

Course Time 3 hours: Every new volunteer that wants to join the ADRN network is required to take this 3-hr class to give you an introduction to ADRN, information about ADRN training, a training roadmap for volunteers, badging/credentials, how emergency response works in Greater Austin and individual/family preparedness training. Every volunteer that completes this course will receive an ADRN badge and become a certified ADRN volunteer. (RC Level 1) Training is FREE.</p>
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Advanced Basic Training

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Course Time 28 hours:  This 7 day, FEMA backed, nationally recognized course will equip and train you in the essentials of disaster preparedness for your local community, such as Fire Safety, Light Search & Rescue, Disaster Medical Operations & Psychology, Terrorism and Disaster Simulation.  This is an excellent course and well worth the time invested in it!  You will be able to use the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, to assist others in your neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. Minimal age limit is 14 years of age with guardian.  You must take all 7 days in order to receive certification.  (RC Level 2) Free Registration is available for all ADRN Badged General Volunteers – Love offerings will be collected at the training.

ICS-100 is a pre-requisite for CERT certification. This is a FEMA online course to introduce volunteers to the Incident Command System (ICS) that FEMA and local governments work within, and provides the foundation for next level ICS training. ICS-700 is also a required pre-requisite for CERT. Online courses are FREE. Click here to visit FEMA’s training course>


Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

Course Time 14 hours:  CISM training is presented by ADRN’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).  CISM Training helps people in all times of crisis and when called to the mission field.  This training will equip volunteers to deal with the mental, emotional and spiritual issues most people encounter in times of disaster, including trauma, learning crisis intervention techniques and much more.  All participants will receive a certificate of completion after 14 hours of course time.  This training is also recommended for teens 16 years of age and above.  CISM is an internationally recognized training. (RC Level 2) Training is NOW BEING OFFERED FREE (Cost was $105) (Scholarship pricing available).

Preparedness Peace Course

Course Time 12 hours: A six-week basic disaster preparedness course designed to build a foundation for a lifestyle of preparedness. Over the six weeks, the course will cover topics of: Why Prepare, Teamwork and the Power of Plan, How to be Water Wise and have Food Sense, Power Alley, Having a Safe Home, About Grab & Go Bags, and Establishing Home Security.  What you will accomplish by the end of Preparedness Peace:  family plans and documents, safe home assessment, lighting and energy plans for power outage, evacuation plans with maps and routes, minimum three day food and water storage, car kit, home emergency supplies established, grab and go bags, shelter-in-place room, supplies and spiritual preparedness. To become a facilitator for your church, Bible study group or home group, you may purchase the Preparedness Peace Facilitator Kit for $125 from ADRN. The Facilitator Kit includes a Binder, a Participant Manual, Teaching DVDs, MP3 CD, and a Facilitator Guide. To order a kit, please email (RC Level 3) Training cost is $45 per person /$35 Early Bird online registration.

Spiritual Trainings

Spiritual Readiness

Course Time 7: At ADRN Headquarters and Live Streamed ADRN is hosting this foundational training class to help volunteers become spiritually prepared and grounded in truth to help those in need, in times of disaster (including yourself).  This class will also teach you how to apply 7 key provisions made available to every born again believer, to empower you to stand against the wiles of the enemy and to walk in faith to overcome trials and tribulations that may occur in times of crisis. This training meets three consecutive Tuesdays 6:30PM–9:30PM.  (RC Level 2) Training is FREE. A basket designated for Love Offerings will be provided.

Walking in the Spirit in Times of Disaster

Course Time 9 hours: At ADRN Headquarters and Live Streamed This course is designed to remove any mystery behind “walking in the Spirit” and give practical steps in how to walk in the spirit, especially in times of crisis.  Areas of focus are practicing the fruits of the spirit, agreeing and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit, and knowing what is means to walk, live and be led by the Holy Spirit.   We will also consider our current challenges as humans and how to overcome through His grace; there will be numerous practice times.  This training meets three consecutive Tuesdays 6:30PM-9:30PM.  Training is FREE. A basket designated for Love Offerings will be provided.

Conflict Resolution in Times of Disaster

Course Time 9 hours over 3 consecutive Tuesdays: At ADRN Headquarters and Live Streamed  ADRN is hosting this important spiritual training to provide the necessary tools for volunteers to help loved ones, friends and survivors affected by disaster, experiencing great stress and conflict within their marriage or family.  The course will teach you how to deal with and resolve conflict in a biblical and godly way.  This training meets two consecutive Tuesdays 6:30PM-10:00PM.  (RC Level 3) Training is FREE. A basket designated for Love Offerings will be provided.

Psalms 91:1 (911) The Protection of the Lord in Times of Disaster

Course Time 7 hours over 2 consecutive Tuesdays: At ADRN Headquarters and Live Streamed  ADRN highly recommends this course for every volunteer who desires to understand and walk in the protection of the Lord in times of disaster and/or want to overcome fear.  This course will cover the topics of Psalm 91, spiritual authority, intimacy with the Lord, covenant relationships and the relationship with the Body of Christ. ADRN believes spiritual training is equally as important as some of our best physical disaster relief courses. This class meets Tuesday 6:30PM-9:30PM.  (RC Level 3). Training is FREE. A basket designated for Love Offerings will be provided.

Walking in the Compassion of Christ

Course Time 9 hours: At ADRN Headquarters and Live Streamed In times of Disaster, volunteers may find themselves in a place where they are not able to get back to church leadership due to power or communication outages.  This course will teach you how to biblically pray with disaster survivors, care for them properly and share the good news of the gospel to those in great need of His transforming power and love.  This training meets three consecutive Tuesdays 6:30PM-9:30PM.  (RC Level 4) Training is FREE. A basket designated for Love Offerings will be provided.

Additional Advanced Training

Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) Training

Course Time 3.5 hours: The DRS is one of ADRN’s most important disaster relief roles a volunteer can play within their church in times of disaster.  The DRS’s job is to walk alongside a family that has potentially lost everything and needs a ‘Good Samaritan’ to be there for them through the process of recovery until their feet are back on the ground.  This role does not require you to take survivors into your home or provide financial assistance from your personal funds.  This training will equip you with the skills, knowledge and plan to take care and provide extended assistance that cannot be given by the governments or international relief agencies. To sponsor a family, it is required you complete an online ADRN Background Check before receiving an assignment, click here. Training is FREE. Meets monthly.

Call Center Training

Course Time 3 hours:  The Call Center is at the center of all disaster response for ADRN.  In the middle of a crisis, ADRN’s Call Center may receive up to 1,000 calls per day from desperate people that need information, someone to talk to, receive prayer and/or be sponsored by one of the churches on our network.  The Call Center also becomes an important place to collect vital resource information such as available supplies, donations, businesses offering their services and volunteers asking how they can help.  This vital training will teach you how to work our phone system, respond properly to those in dire need, and cover many different positions within the Call Center that are equally important.  The last hour of the training will offer a realistic simulation to help you practice your newly learned skills and understand the fullness of the position. Training is FREE. Meets quarterly.

Disaster Relief Coordinator (DRC) / Database Training

Course Time 4 hours: DRC Training is for those interested in becoming a representative of their church to the Network, giving leadership to the ADRN volunteers within your church pre and post disaster. The DRC is also the main communicator within the church to inform church members, volunteers of up and coming trainings.  The DRC’s main objective is to help their members and church to become ready in the event of a crisis through the guidance of ADRN.  The goal for every church on the network, is to have minimally have two DRCs. This training will equip you with the skills, knowledge and plan to be an effective DRC.  A component of DRC Training is Database Training, making this a 4-hour training on the same night.  Database Training is only for church Disaster Relief Coordinators (DRCs), giving instruction on how to access and manage volunteer information for their church. An ethics agreement (signed by church leadership) is NOT required to be trained on the database, but IS required to access information for the volunteers within your church. Training is FREE. Meets alternate months.

HAM Radio Training Technician & General License

Course Time 24 hours: Join ADRN’s HAM Radio team by taking the beginner’s course for a HAM Radio license.  Why HAM radio?  In a disaster, often other modes of communication (cell phones, land lines, etc.) become overwhelmed and unavailable.  In a disaster (such as the Bastrop Fire), government agencies have the ability to devote existing communications service to Government Emergency Telecommunications Service use. That means 90% of the system is locked out from general use.  HAM radio is the link that keeps ADRN teams in contact with the call center, and provides a way for victims to get word to families out of the area.  The Technician Class license allows operator privileges on both VHF and UHF repeaters located throughout the Greater Austin Area. Also, Morse Code is no longer required to pass the exam! The General Class license is advanced training for a HAM radio operator. It will open the door to many more frequency bands and allows operators to make contacts all over the world.  HAM radio is fun and can be a powerful tool for the Body of Christ to help those in need in times of disaster. Training cost is $65.

Chaplaincy Academy Training

Course Time 30 hours: ADRN’s Chaplaincy program is designed to equip volunteer Chaplains to minister to individuals, families, the community, and more in times of crisis.  ADRN’s Chaplaincy course consists of three 10-hour classes.  The Chaplaincy Training sessions will cover, in no particular order: Introduction to Chaplaincy, Confidentiality & Ethics, Death Notification, Compassion Fatigue & Burn Out, Power Interventions, Suicide & Grief, Communication Skills-Listening, Dealing with Difficult People, Workplace Violence, Relationship Recovery-Divorce, Conflict Resolution, Stress & Anger Management, Children in Crisis, PTSD in Children, School Crisis Events, Recognizing Post-traumatic Stress in self or others, and Stress Management. The ADRN Chaplaincy Course requires participants to complete ADRN’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training as a pre-requisite.  ADRN Chaplains must be “Spirit Called” to the position of Chaplain. Potential participants are also required to complete an ADRN Chaplain Application, furnish 3 Spiritual & 3 Personal references, and participate in an interview prior to the first day of training. This course is instructed by the Chaplain Core Team & Guest Chaplains from the community.  The three sections of the course must be completed in the order they are offered online (Chaplain Session I, Chaplain Session II, & Chaplain Session III). If a training session is missed, the trainee must start the training again. This is required due to the scheduling of community Chaplains, as trainers who may not always be able be available to teach their session during a particular training. To become an ADRN Chaplain and receive an official ADRN badge and a Certificate of Certification, participants must complete all three Chaplaincy classes as stated earlier. Training is offered as a Non-Certified course if desired, however, all vetting requirements are still applicable. Training is NOW FREE (Training cost was $105 per session) (Scholarship pricing & savings bundle available online).

Additional Advanced Training - Outside ADRN

ICS 100 FEMA Training

Course Time 3 hours: ICS-100 is a pre-requisite for CERT certification.  This is a FEMA online course to introduce volunteers to the Incident Command System (ICS) that FEMA and local governments work within, and provides the foundation for next level ICS training.  This course describes the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System.  It also explains the relationship between ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Click here to visit FEMA’s training course>(RC Level 3) Online course is FREE.

ICS 200 FEMA Training

Course Time 3 hours: ICS 200, a FEMA designed online course is designed to enable volunteers to operate efficiently during an incident or event within the Incident Command System (ICS) of ADRN or local government.  ICS-200 provides training on and resources for personnel who are likely to assume or help supervisory positions within the ICS. Click here to visit FEMA online training course > (RC Level 4) Online course is FREE.

Shelter Manager & Shelter Staff Training

Course Time TBD:  Managing or staffing a Red Cross shelter in a time of disaster can be a very rewarding and impactful experience in times of crisis. The American Red Cross (ARC) offers shelter manager and shelter staff training typically throughout the year but predominately in the summertime. All volunteers are required to fill out an ARC application. For more information on the application process and class times, please call the Central Texas American Red Cross at 512-928-4271. Training is FREE.