Spiritual Readiness Training

ADRN offers Spiritual Readiness training to prepare individuals and volunteers to help others through scripture and the love of Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome. ADRN or NON-ADRN volunteers are welcome to register for these courses. Please visit HOW TO REGISTER for more information if you are a NON-ADRN volunteer.

Course Overview and Dates

Biblical Readiness Training (RC Level 2) – Course Time 9 hours: ADRN is hosting this foundational training class to help volunteers become spiritually prepared and grounded in truth to help those in need, in times of disaster (including yourself). This class will also teach you how to apply 7 key provisions made available to every born again believer, to empower you to stand against the wiles of the enemy and to walk in faith to overcome trials and tribulations that may occur in times of crisis. This three part training meets three consecutive Tuesdays from 6:30PM-9:30PM.  (RC Level 2) Training is FREE. No pre-requisites required.

Conflict Resolution in Times of Disaster (RC Level 3) – Course Time 7 hours: ADRN is hosting this important spiritual training to provide the necessary tools for volunteers to help loved ones, friends and survivors affected by disaster, experiencing great stress and conflict within their marriage or family. The course will teach you how to deal with and resolve conflict in a biblical and godly way. This training meets two consecutive Tuesdays 6:30PM-10:00PM. (RC Level 3) Training is FREE. No pre-requisites required.

Psalms 91:1 (911) The Protection of the Lord in Times of Disaster (RC Level 3) – Course Time 3.5 hours: ADRN highly recommends this course for every volunteer who desires to understand and walk in the protection of the Lord in times of disaster and/or want to overcome fear. This course will cover the topics of Psalm 91, spiritual authority, intimacy with the Lord, covenant relationships and the relationship with the Body of Christ. ADRN believes spiritual training is equally as important as some of our best physical disaster relief courses. This class meets Tuesday 6:30PM-10:00PMPM. (RC Level 3). Training is FREE. No pre-requisites required.

Prayer, Care and Share (RC Level 4) – Course Time 9 hours: In times of Disaster, volunteers may find themselves in a place where they are not able to get back to church leadership due to power or communication outages. This course will teach you how to biblically pray with disaster survivors, care for them properly and share the good news of the gospel to those in great need of His transforming power and love. This training meets three consecutive Tuesdays 6:30PM-9:30PM. (RC Level 4) Training is FREE. No pre-requisites required.

Way of The Master – Course Time 7 hours: If you desire to learn how to effectively lead people to Christ in times of crisis or able to speak truth in love to others about the Gospel, this training is for you! You will leave this training impacted, empowered and excited to share. The trainer for this course is Leslie Holder who has been evangelizing for over 10 years. Her presentation includes viewing DVDs hosted by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, you will learn how to share your faith simply and effectively! This class meets on a Saturday 8:30AM-4:00PM. Training Cost is $15 (includes lunch). No pre-requisites required; however, Prayer, Care & Share is a great precursor training. This class is temporarily discontinued.

Walking in The Spirit in Times of Disaster – Course Time 9 hours: This course is designed to remove any mystery behind “walking in the Spirit” and give practical steps in how to walk in the spirit, especially in times of crisis. Areas of focus are practicing the fruits of the spirit, agreeing and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit, and knowing what is means to walk, live and be led by the Holy Spirit. We will also consider our current challenges as humans and how to overcome through His grace; there will be numerous practice times. This three part training meets three consecutive Tuesdays, 6:30PM-9:30PM.  Training is FREE.  No pre-requisites required.