Ham Radio Training

Technician & General License

Course Time 24 hours | Training cost is $65
Join the ADRN Ham Radio team by taking the beginner’s course for a Ham Radio license.  Why Ham Radio?  In a disaster, often other modes of communication (cell phones, land lines, etc.) become overwhelmed and unavailable.  In a disaster (such as the Bastrop Fire), government agencies have the ability to devote existing communications service to Government Emergency Telecommunications Service use. That means 90% of the system is locked out from general use.  Ham Radio is the link that keeps ADRN teams in contact with the Call Center, and provides a way for victims to get word to families out of the area.

The Technician Class license allows operator privileges on both VHF and UHF repeaters located throughout the Greater Austin Area.  Also, Morse Code is no longer required to pass the exam!

The General Class license is advanced training for a Ham radio operator. It will open the door to many more frequency bands and allows operators to make contacts all over the world.  Many participants in Ham Radio Technician class will also study and test out for General and Extra at the same time to save extra testing fees.  Training fee is $65 to cover the expense of the Training Manual and Testing Fee.  No pre-requisites required to take this training.

Ham radio is fun and can be a powerful tool for the Body of Christ to help those in need in times of disaster.

DUE TO CORONAVIRUS CRISIS - this training has been placed on hold. Thank you.