Leadership Development

Disaster Relief Coordinator (DRC)

DRC Training is for those interested in becoming a representative of their church to the Network, giving leadership to the ADRN volunteers within your church pre and post disaster. The DRC is also the main communicator within the church to inform church members, volunteers of up and coming trainings.  The DRC’s main objective is to help their members and church to become ready in the event of a crisis through the guidance of ADRN.  The goal for every church on the network, is to have minimally have two DRCs. This training will equip you with the skills, knowledge and plan to be an effective DRC.  A component of DRC Training is Database Training, making this a 4-hour training on the same night.  Database Training is only for church Disaster Relief Coordinators (DRCs), giving instruction on how to access and manage volunteer information for their church. An ethics agreement (signed by church leadership) is NOT required to be trained on the database, but IS required to access information for the volunteers within your church. 4-hour course. Training is FREE. Meets alternate months.

Sector Leader

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HUB/Sector Leader