Emotional Training

Following the impact of disaster, families struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives. Survivors are in need of immediate emotional and spiritual care to help walk them through next steps - bringing clarity in the midst of a very difficult time as they realize they are unable to cope. ADRN's emotional and spiritual care trainings will empower you with the tools to help those impacted by disaster.

NOTE: If you are not a badged ADRN Volunteer,  please click here to become an ADRN Volunteer prior to completing advanced training courses.  Thank you!

Prayer Hotline

We are so excited about this new training. It's an opportunity to be His "Good Samaritan," to the people of greater Austin, simply by befriending and loving, comforting and supporting, and praying for those who have lost their peace and need hope. Will you be a listening ear and an open heart, one who brings hope back into someone's life?

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Call Center

The Call Center is at the center of all disaster response for ADRN. In the middle of a crisis, ADRN’s Call Center may receive up to 1,000 calls per day from desperate people that need information, someone to talk to, receive prayer and/or be sponsored by one of the churches on our network. The Call Center also becomes an important place to collect vital resource information such as available supplies, donations, businesses offering their services and volunteers asking how they can help. This vital training will teach you how to work our phone system, respond properly to those in dire need, and cover many different positions within the Call Center that are equally important. The last hour of the training will offer a realistic simulation to help you practice your newly learned skills and understand the fullness of the position. 3-hour course. Training is FREE. Meets quarterly.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

CISM training is presented by ADRN’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). CISM Training helps people in all times of crisis and when called to the mission field. This training will equip volunteers to deal with the mental, emotional and spiritual issues most people encounter in times of disaster, including trauma, learning crisis intervention techniques and much more. All participants will receive a certificate of completion after 14 hours of course time. CISM is an internationally recognized training. Scholarship pricing available.

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Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) Program

When a person or family loses everything in a disaster, they often feel an overwhelming sense of despair. Our primary goal is to restore hope by revealing the love of God to families impacted by disaster. We do this by offering emotional, spiritual and physical support with the help of Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) teams.

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Chaplaincy Academy

ADRN Chaplaincy Academy provides training to those who feel called to a ministry in Crisis Chaplaincy. The academy provides the chaplain candidate knowledge and skills to support, encourage, and bless people in crisis through a ministry of presence in order to impact lives during this difficult time. ADRN Chaplains have been deployed to disaster sites, hospitals, Red Cross shelters and more.

Chaplain Training dates - TBD.  For questions or information, email sharon@adrntx.org.