2018 Training Pricing

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Save and register early for courses offered by taking advantage of Early Bird pricing. Regular Pricing and At Door Pricing are listed below for most courses offered by ADRN. Several training courses offer bundled price packages. ADRN Volunteers that have reached certain RC levels on their training pathway can also enjoy discounts.

Important: Before registering for training, please always be sure to check our Training Specials page to find out if you may qualify for bundled or special pricing being offered in addition to pricing listed on this page. As always, scholarships are available, but must be pre-approved prior to registering for courses. Visit our Scholarship Application page for more information.



COURSE: American Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED – For ADRN Volunteers and non-ADRN participants

Early Bird Price


Prepay online 60-5 days prior to Training Course Date


Regular Training Price


Prepay online 5-2 days prior to Training Course Date


At the Door Price


Pay at the door upon check-in for Training Course


Scholarship Price


Apply online by clicking here.

COURSE: Chaplaincy Academy

Regular Training Price


Each sessions will be priced at this listed cost (3 sessions). Prepay online 30 days prior to each Training Course Date.


Early Bird Bundle Prepaid Pricing (3 Sessions)

$199 Advanced Online

Savings of $86. Prepay online 30 days prior to first Training Course Date


Scholarship Price

$147.50 Prepaid Online

Apply online by clicking here.


COURSE: HAM Radio Technician Training

Price includes cost of Technician Training Book & CD

and Testing Fee to receive your license.

Regular Prepaid Online

$45 online

Prepay online 30-15 days prior to Training Course Date


At the Door Price


Pay at the door first day of training






In times of hardship, ADRN provides 50% Scholarship pricing to full time students and partial scholarships to individuals impacted by financial challenges. We understand times are tough and education is important. If you feel that you are in need of assistance, please click below to fill out a Scholarship Application form to begin the approval process.

Scholarship Application >

               Buddy/Spouse/Combo Special – Purchase 2 Trainings (CERT & CERT, CISM & CISM or CERT & CISM any combination) for

$75 each ($150 for two). Email sharon@adrntx.org for this special.

  FREE Training Voucher when you volunteer time at Hope Family Thrift Store. Email sharon@adrntx.org for more



If you experience problems registering for training online,  please email sharon@adrntx.org for assistance.

Note: Most courses listed require volunteers to login.  Login access is provided to our volunteers after completion of the ADRN Orientation and Preparedness course. Online registration and payment for classes in advance can prevent an additional $20 administrative fee added to payments received at the door.