Training Opportunities

Austin Disaster Relief Network prepares and trains our volunteers to be ready to respond to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those affected by disaster, great or small. The training and preparedness of the every Christian is vital in these days of increased disasters, both locally and worldwide. Due to the coronavirus crisis, ADRN has NOW made available online some of our best trainings in an effort to make training easier and more broadly accessible.

All online training courses are for badged ADRN volunteers only.  If you would like be become a badged ADRN volunteer, please complete our  I AM Ready™ Basic Training and Orientation online training course.

Overview of ADRN Training Pathways

 I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation (Available online)

Every new volunteer that wants to join ADRN is required to take this 3hr class to give you an introduction to ADRN, how to get involved, and the impact we are having on our community and/or families we are serving in times of disaster. Every volunteer that completes this course will receive an ADRN badge and become a certified ADRN volunteer.  Click here for more information about I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation or to sign up for training.

 Physical Trainings

Through our Physical Training program, ADRN offers training in preparedness to equip volunteers, families and individuals to better serve their community in times of crisis or in disaster. Physical Training courses include: CPR/First Aid/AED, Safety 101, CERT+, Preparedness Peace and Ham Radio. Click here for a full list of our physical trainings or to sign up for training.

 Emotional Trainings (Available online)

Following the impact of disaster, families struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives. Survivors are in need of immediate emotional and spiritual care to help walk them through next steps - bringing clarity in the midst of a very difficult time as they realize they are unable to cope. Emotional Training courses include: Call Center, Prayer Hotline, Disaster Relief Shepherd, Chaplaincy and CISM.
Click here for a full list of our emotional trainings or to sign up for training.

 Spiritual Trainings (Available online)

Our Spiritual trainings are designed to prepare our and minds for times of crisis and to empower us to walk in the peace that surpasses understanding, bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to our community.  Spiritual Training courses include: Spiritual Readiness, Walking in the Spirit, Conflict Resolution, Psalm 91 and Walking in the Compassion of Christ.
Click here for a full list of our spiritual trainings or to sign up for training.

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