Tropical Depression Imelda – How You Can Help

ADRN is responding to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those impacted by Tropical Depression Imelda in Beaumont, TX and surrounding areas.

In addition to preparing to deploy emotional and spiritual care teams to the region, ADRN is raising funds to support flood survivors. Funds will be distributed in the form of gift cards, emergency housing, emergency transportation and/or building materials to meet immediate and long-term needs.

To make a tax-deductible gift to support disaster survivors, click here.

Initial response efforts are being conducted in partnership with United Aid of Southeast Texas (UAST), a disaster relief network serving the Beaumont, TX-area. ADRN has been working in partnership with UAST since Hurricane Harvey (Aug. 2017) to repair and rebuild over 80 homes in the Beaumont/Port Arthur-area.

“The Austin Disaster Relief Network is prepared to support our neighbors impacted by these storms through our partnership with United Aid of Southeast Texas,” said Daniel Geraci, executive director of the Austin Disaster Relief Network. “We understand the range of physical, emotional and spiritual needs people experience after disaster, and we’re here to help survivors as they begin to rebuild their homes and their lives.”

In addition to providing financial, emotional and spiritual support, ADRN is also working to mobilize churches in the region to respond to survivors’ needs.


Help Austin Disaster Relief Network meet the immediate emergency needs of survivors and help fund the long-term repairs/rebuilds of their homes by making a donation!

ADRN (Attn. Tropical Depression Imelda Fund)
PO Box 15424
Austin, Texas 78761


Those interested in donating supplies to Imelda survivors are being asked to assemble CARE KITS and/or CLEAN UP BUCKETS.

CARE KITS, consisting of basic hygiene and personal items, will be distributed to individual families displaced from their homes due to flooding.
CLEAN UP BUCKETS will be distributed to residents and muck-out teams will clear mud and debris from flooded homes.

See below for details on assembling CARE KITS and CLEAN-UP BUCKETS.



Following is a list of items needed for CARE KITS:

Towel (if family kit, purchase 4)
Washcloth (if family kit, purchase 4)
Toothbrush (If family kit, purchase 4)
Deodorant (If family kit, purchase 4)
Feminine Products (family or female version only)
Comb (if family kit, purchase 4)
Blanket (if family kit, purchase 4)
Pillow (as many as you can fit in if it is a family kit)
*Baby Bottles/Formula (with baby version only)
*Diapers (with baby version only)
*Baby Food (with baby version only)
**A note of encouragement for the family or individual


CARE KIT Assembly Instructions:

  1. Determine if you want to build a Family Care Kit, Family Care Kit with Baby, Individual Male Care Kit and/or Individual Female Care Kit. Go shopping!
  2. Purchase a sturdy plastic container with a lid so we can easily stack them for shipping.
  3. Fill the container with listed items above.
  4. Place a 12” strip of grey duct-tape on the top of your container to label (duct-tape is preferred). Using a permanent marker, indicate if the kit is a Family Care Kit, a Family with Baby Care Kit, an Individual Male Care Kit, or an Individual Female Care Kit.
  5. Drop your Care Kit(s) off at Hope Family Thrift Store, 1122 East 51st Street, Austin, 78723 (Monday-Saturday, 10AM-5PM, Closed on Sunday)


Following is a list of items needed for CLEAN-UP BUCKETS:

1 5-Gallon Bucket
1 Lid
1 16 oz spray bottle
1 Antibacterial multi-purpose cleaner
1 can of powder cleanser
1 package of 2 scrub brushes
1 bar of soap (Lava if available)
2 packages of large Latex gloves (2 pairs per packet)
2 scrubbing sponges (Brillo or 3M scrub pads)
2 regular sponges
1 pair of safety goggles
2 cloth rags
1 roll of Heavy-Duty black contractor trash bags
1 radial dish brush
3 N-95 masks
1 60-ounce (1/2 gallon) bottle of bleach
2 Ziploc quart-size bags

Warning: NEVER Combine Bleach and Ammonia/Vinegar/Rubbing Alcohol. NEVER Combine Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar


CLEAN-UP BUCKET Assembly Instructions:

  1. Items should be placed within the bucket with the lid fastened tightly in place.
  2. Drop your CLEAN-UP BUCKET(s) off at Hope Family Thrift Store, 1122 East 51st Street, Austin, 78723 (Monday-Saturday, 10AM-5PM, Closed on Sunday)



Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is comprised of over 190 Greater Austin churches and thousands of trained volunteers bringing hope into crisis. We prepare, train and equip our network of volunteers in advance to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of those impacted. Our primary goal is to sponsor families affected by disaster through our Disaster Relief Shepherd Program, walking with survivors through recovery until they are back on their feet and in a clean and safe home. ADRN funds the rebuilding/repair of homes and provides emergency financial support to survivors in need.


  • ADRN is raising funds to meet the immediate and long-term needs of survivors.
  • ADRN is supporting the relief efforts of United Aid of Southeast Texas (UAST), a disaster relief network serving the Beaumont, TX-area.
  • ADRN brought emotional and spiritual care to 2,000 homes in Beaumont by deploying teams of trained yellow shirts to go door-to-door to assist impacted families.
  • ADRN is also mobilizing churches in the region to help respond to survivors’ needs.
  • ADRN deployed teams of badged and credentialed yellow shirts to Hankamer, TX to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of survivors.
    • 75 volunteers deployed to Hankamer and Beaumont
    • 1,0376 volunteers hours were served
    • 44 survivors received emotional and spiritual support (through CISM)
    • 313 survivors were prayed for 
    • 158 Bibles were given to survivors
    • $45k in immediate relief was distributed to survivors
  • ADRN has launched a supply drive to collect supplies for CARE KITS and CLEAN-UP BUCKETS which will be distributed to survivors in the Beaumont area.
  • ADRN has shipped a semi-truck full of canned and bottled drinking water to survivors in the Beaumont area.
  • ADRN helped establish a new Pastoral Steering Committee to respond to future disasters.
  • ADRN hosted a Shepherd Training workshop to equip the local church to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs as they walk alongside survivors through the duration of the recovery process.


The Tropical Depression Imelda Relief Fund has been setup up through the Austin Community Foundation by the Austin Disaster Relief Network to provide for the immediate and long-term physical needs of families impacted by Tropical Depression Imelda.  DONATE TODAY




Please contact for more information.


ADRN has set up a special form for businesses and organizations that would like to get involved.  Please click here to inform us of your interests in helping ADRN with this disaster response.

AMAZON SMILES  Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Austin Disaster Relief Network. Shop or ship items from our Wish List to help ADRN serve thousands of survivors.