Special Message from Director Copy

Can you/your family pass this Preparedness Test?

Dear ADRN Family and the Church of Greater Austin,

In this new year, we believe the Lord has given ADRN leadership clarity on His desire to prepare the Greater Austin Church with the ability to sustain life, emotionally, physically and spiritually in the next 4 years. I believe the Lord is not wanting just “a few” Christians to be trained and/or for their households to be prepared, but he’s wanting the entire Church to be trained and prepared for times of crisis in order to respond in His name with excellence.

To make this point clear, I want to share a brief story with you. Last year, my wife and I were incredibly blessed with a trip to Israel to see the Holy Land and walk the pathways of Jesus. It was nothing short of amazing! One thing that truly stood out to both of us on this trip was the fact that every man and woman older than 18 years of age was physically trained by the military for two years with survival skills and the ability to defend and protect themselves. Yes, even those who are now 50-70 years of age went through military training between the ages of 18-20 and are able to handle crisis! While these citizens are no longer fighting or taking assignments with the military, they can respond in crisis if they need to due to their incredible training.

I believe the same thing should be said of His Church. We may not be called to respond to the “every-day” disaster, but minimally, we must be ready to respond if a catastrophic event hits our city, state or nation – so we can help ourselves and those around us in Jesus name.

The question I have for the Church of greater Austin is: are you trained and prepared to respond to a disaster or crisis? Would you take 2 minutes to ask yourself the questions in ADRN’s Preparedness Test? If you say NO to any of the questions below, I do not believe you are ready to respond effectively in times of crisis.

Do you know what to say to a survivor that has lost everything and feels hopeless enough to take his/her life?

Do you know how to bring peace and restore hope to a survivor/family that is traumatized?

 Are you spiritually ready to respond to the question, “Why did God do this to me?” Or, “Why would God help me in this situation when He is the one that caused the disaster?”

If a survivor came to you, asking about Jesus and why you have faith in Him, would you know how to respond?

If a disaster were to strike our community today, do you have the faith to believe for His provision and promises to provide for you and your community?

 Do you know how to properly move a survivor in harm’s way without causing greater injury to them?

 If you came upon a survivor that was bleeding out, would you know how to stop the bleeding?

 If the grid system in Texas went down for four weeks due to a cyberattack, would you and your family have enough water and food to sustain yourselves? (Experts say a cyberattack on our grid system would take up to 6 months to repair.)

The good news is that ADRN has the training needed to help you and your family be prepared.

  • If you said NO to a question that started with a , ADRN’s CERT training will help you respond to meet immediate medical needs and give you the tools to respond physically to a disaster scene. ADRN’s Preparedness Peace training will give you the training to properly prepare your family for two weeks or more of supplies, goods, food and more!
  • If you said NO to a question that started with an , ADRN’s spiritual training classes will equip you personally to handle crisis of faith and give you essential spiritual tools to meet spiritual needs that arise in times of disaster (including how to answer the hard spiritual questions).
  • If you said NO to a question that started with an , ADRN’s CISM training will give you easy-to-follow steps to alleviate a survivor’s trauma and to respond to an emotional crisis, including what to say and what not to say in times of disaster.

In closing, I am asking you to make a new year resolution to get trained and prepare your family in 2020!  Also, will you ask your friends, family and church to join us in this preparedness movement to be ready to sustain life by March 2024! My prayer is to see 10,000 Christians join ADRN in 2020 and take the necessary advanced training to be ready!  I am also praying for a 100 new Churches to join the network in 2020! We need 400 churches minimally on the network to meet the ever-growing size and number of disasters that are happening in our region and state.

May the Lord release fresh revelation upon your heart and mind in the area of preparedness in Jesus name!

God bless you,

Daniel Geraci
Executive Director