Team Leader (ICS)

Big Idea: Influenced by the word of God and led by the example set by Jesus himself,  we THE CHURCH are uniquely positioned and equipped to make an impact in every community we serve.

3 Reasons to lead with Excellence

1.  We are called to Demonstrate and Declare Christ's love through the Local Church!

As Christ followers we are mandated to stand in the gap for those facing insurmountable adversity, by serving and supporting them so they don’t fight alone. When faced with natural disasters, this expectation remains the same. Therefore, the function of the local church is to be an organism that offers the message of redemption by serving affected communities and revealing Christ’s limitless love through their actions.

For this reason, as Christ’s ambassador of hope in the midst of chaos, the church has a responsibility to steward the vulnerability of each affected individual and community, with wisdom, prudence, efficiency, and love.  Ultimately bringing hope into crisis through the transforming power of Jesus Christ to every life and community we serve.

This is not an attempt to be elite, or exclusive.

It is the Church honoring the call to be an expert at loving people. Therefore, the goal is to yield the local church as the catalyst, the solution, and ultimately the HERO of each community delivering HOPE and connecting people to Christ and a sustainable future.

2.  Propel Disaster Relief to it's Next Level - Support our local community Leaders

We, The local Church are uniquely equipped to create, implement, and execute a well-defined, functional infrastructure that successfully responds to natural disasters in our communities. And through strategic methodologies, The Church will prove to be an entity that redefines the very basis of such relief, and drives it to its next level to support local emergency response agencies within every community!  See below for Tools.

Key Point:  Whether you are developing a warehouse space to assemble food boxes or sending out a serve team... you will need a leader and a support team to manage with excellence.  These documents will help your leaders understand the WHY, HOW and WHAT of ICS.  This is important because we as THE CHURCH must understand the systems of local government and emergency services... This is their language!  Let's be a church community that will continually earn the trust of and support our local authorities. Question to ask...  HOW CAN WE SERVE YOU?

3.  IDENTIFY Sustainable Solutions

When major disaster strikes, the reality is that active churches most likely will have a ‘revival of relief’ from day 1 to day 30, when generous amounts of resources and spontaneous volunteers appear to help.  But as days go by, the activity will progressively lose its momentum.

Time, effort, and energy will begin to escape its meanings and motivations.

But, transformation takes time… and solutions take time to work!

Therefore, the local church should proactively prepare to establish sustainable solutions that will provide both consistency and longevity to affected communities and people.  Offering hope to the hopeless and demonstrating the love of Christ in all that we do!

Key Point: We MUST work together!  As a church leaders, we all have the desire to run and run hard in these initial days of crisis.  However, those who are running hard will get tired and your leaders and teams will begin to slow down.  That's why we must be CONNECTED IN CRISIS!  Together we are better.  As the development of support operations are taking place rapidly, let's share opportunities to serve and pace ourselves and to raise THE CHURCH up to be a SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION.  


Basic ICS Guideline (Incident Command System)

ICS 201 - FEMA Editable document (Last two pages give leaders step by step instruction)