Serve Opportunities

 With many churches Connected in Crisis and all trying to find the best way to serve their communities, now is the perfect opportunity to come together to demonstrate and declare the love of Christ in our communities.  There are many ways that you can begin to lead your people to serve safely our incredible communities.  

Let's start with the basics

Encourage SOMEBODY!

    • There are a lot of lonely people around you - Elderly / Singles / Single Moms
    • Call a neighbor!  If you don't have their contact information... Ask for it!
    • Make phone calls to people in your phone list that you haven't spoken to lately!  Simply asking the question:  How are you?
    • Share an encouraging scripture

Check on your elderly neighbors and ask questions

    • How can we serve you?  Remember to keep your distance!
      • Yard Clean up?  There are lots of leaves right now.
      • Do they have a garden that needs clean up?
      • Ask if you can wash their car
      • Maybe they need to get groceries or medications from the store
      • Offer to take your neighbors trash to the curb on trash day

Start a neighborhood RAKE challenge - Random Acts of Kindness Everyday

    • Encourage neighbors to communicate with each other and finds needs within your community to serve!
    • Raking yards is a great way to keep distance and engage with the entire family!


The Austin Disaster Relief Network team is working with local and state organizations to develop solutions that will include the assistance of our local churches.  When we have opportunities to serve, they will be posted on this webpage and made available for all church partners who are Connected in Crisis.  CLICK HERE to SHARE a project

*Click a link below to learn more about our partners serve opportunities



We'd love to hear from you!  If you have identified a great idea of how The Church can safely serve, please share.  We will post those ideas here for all to share.  CLICK HERE to SHARE