Sector Leaders

Serving as a Sector Leader to Unite the Body of Christ

Today, the majority of Sectors in our city have no one leading them, but we are believing God to call forth people to fill these critical roles of leadership. Will you prayerfully consider if God is calling you to become one of the 12, full-time Sector Leader missionaries?

A Sector Leader exists to:

  • Support the most vital role within the entire Network, the Disaster Relief Coordinator
  • Serve the local Church, by inspiring and empowering them to respond in crisis
  • Identify & develop leaders that will in turn, identify & develop other leaders
  • Grow the Network, continually engaging new churches and volunteers

Why is this role so vital? Because our mandate is to help unite, equip and empower the local Church to bring hope into the midst of crisis, and this role is essential for that become a greater reality.

Has God put it in your heart to help unite the Body of Christ? Has He put it in your heart to help serve the local Church and those overcome by the tragedy of disaster?

Come to a luncheon to hear more!

We will share more details about this role, answer questions you may, and share the next steps in pursuing that role.

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