San Marcos Fire Response – July 24


– Emotional Spiritual Care teams were able to complete 43 intakes at this time

– 21 volunteers provided support to survivors ranging in age from 18 to 21 years old, mostly students and a few families

– 5 to 7 survivors are at the table at a time

– Over $8,600 in emergency financial support has been provided to survivors to offer some relief during this difficult time

– Very moving and emotional stories have been shared today during our response , prayers are greatly needed for these students and families

GREAT NEEDS (please share across your social media):

Volunteers Needed for Wednesday Deployment

Volunteers are greatly needed to help support this emotional response in San Marcos for Wednesday: Only 7 of 12 slots filled for tomorrow for CISM, only 1 of 2 for Chaplains, and only 1 of 6 slots filled for CERT / General Volunteer (go to Will you serve tomorrow?

Donate to Help Survivors

Please consider donating today to help. ADRNTX is currently providing relief to Harvey survivors (rebuilding/repairing homes) as well as responding to several small incidents. We want to serve well those in San Marcos who need the community to help provide comfort during this difficult time and meet their every need. Please give to #ADRNTX at