Safety Mask Production


Purpose of MASK KIT building

In order to be the most efficient and productive to help meet the needs in all of our local churches and communities, ADRN is asking partner churches to develop teams to produce SAFETY MASK KITS to be sewn by individuals in their home!

Each MASK KIT has the following:

  • 10 – Mask linings
  • 10 – Mask fronts
  • 10 – Metal nose pieces
  • 20 – Ear loops
  • 1 – Instruction sheet - See VIDEO & Sewing Instruction sheet below

Big Idea:

With MASK KITS prepared and ready… Anyone with sewing experience and access to a sewing machine can easily pick up a MASK KIT and become part of the production team to support local communities as churches and businesses began to re-open!  Working together towards a common GOAL will demonstrate and declare the love of Christ through The Churches in every community!

Ready... Set... Sew!  Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 – Drop by ADRN Headquarters or a local Church HUB and PICK-UP a MASK KIT (see list of HUB sites below video)

Step 2 – Take a MASK KIT home and follow instructions for sewing (video and printable instructions provided)

Step 3 – RETURN the completed MASKS to a DROP OFF LOCATION

Drop off sites will include ADRN Headquarters – 1122 East 51st Street, Austin Tx 78723  (M-F 10am-3pm)

**And all CHURCH HUBS where you Pick-Up the MASK KITS – see list below*


Through our partnership with REIDs CLEANERS every SAFETY MASK will be laundered, pressed and package for distribution.  It is very important that EVERY MASK be RETURNED to an ADRN DROP OFF LOCATION and run through this sanitizing process to be prepared for delivery!  If you need Safety Masks for your church, please CLICK HERE to request.  We want to make sure every church is prepared!

See video below for step-by-step Sewing Instructions

PRINT - Sewing Instructions

PRINT - Safety Mask Template (Only needed if creating KITS)


All you need:

Sewing Machine
1 – Mask KIT

SAFETY MASK KITS AVAILABLE for Pick-Up - Thursday April 30th!

*Additional locations are building in each community... see below!

(1) Austin Disaster Relief Network Headquarters (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm)

1122 East 51st Street, Austin Tx. 78723

(2) Shoreline Church (Tuesday & Thursdays 9am-3pm)

15201 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78728

Original Need is FILLED!!

Complete 20,000 Face Mask Request Urgently Needed by Care Givers and Essential Personnel << ORDER NOW COMPLETE!! >

Press Release - April 7, 2020, Austin, TX – In response to requests by the City of Austin and the Capital Area Medical Operations Center (CAMOC), the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) today announced the launch of a drive aimed at collecting more than 20,000 homemade face masks. DIY face masks are urgently needed amid the growing threat of COVID-19 and new evidence from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggesting that asymptomatic people can spread the virus.


With local businesses and churches beginning to re-open with strong safety regulations and social distancing, we are seeing an increased need for SAFETY MASKS in the general population.  Together we have a solution and we would love for your church to get involved!  Just imagine every member of your congregation receiving a safety mask for themselves and a couple of extras to share with unchurched friends and neighbors.


Equip 50+ congregations to provide over 100,000 masks for our general public and community members. How? 50 congregations mobilizing to create 1,000 masks per week each. The love, service, and generosity of local congregations will ensure over 100,000 people in Greater Austin Area will have potentially life-saving reusable masks. This number is above and beyond the 20,000 masks requested from the CAMOC.

Church Leaders - Ways to get Involved

1. Share the Need for Material – Production is happening now!


  • Share with your congregation the need for material
    • Tight weave cotton or polyester blend
    • 100% cotton with thread count greater than 120
    • Preferably ½ yard minimums
    • Yes, new or lightly used sheets are great!
    • Color or pattern is not a concern
    • UPDATED Material Needs List
    • To schedule pick up or delivery of material

2. Share opportunity to serve from home!


  • Church provides DIY Mask KITS with congregation
  • All materials provided by ADRN – 10 masks per KIT
  • Materials needed for individual to assemble mask
    • Iron / Sewing machine
    • Thread
    • Time
  • Pick-up and delivery can be provided if needed

3. KIT PRODUCTION HUB - Get your Church Involved!


With the need for masks throughout the Greater Austin Area increasing as businesses try to reopen, we see a great need for SAFETY MASKS!  One of the greatest is to equip others to become a part of the Safety Mask initiative.  Engage your church to become a HUB!  All details below!

Our team will contact you to make you sure your church is well supported!


  • Coordinate leadership and serve teams to produce MASK KITS at your church
  • Provide community HUB for Mask Pick-up & Drop-off of KITS to and from individual sewers
  • Coordinate small groups and individuals to CUT & PACKAGE material building a ready to go MASK KIT
  • Kits are complete with printed instruction and all supplies needed
    • 10 – Mask linings
    • 10 – Mask fronts
    • 10 – Metal nose pieces
    • 20 – Ear loops
    • 1 – Instruction sheet

ADRN provides Tools and Training for your Leadership Team

      • Safety Guidelines and check-in procedure per CDC regulations
      • Shift recommendations and SERVE App training
      • All Step-by-Step instruction for onsite productions teams
      • Materials as donated and available
      • All completed Masks will be picked up by ADRN for proper cleaning. We are partnered with REID Cleaners who will launder, press and package for distribution.
  • Church HUB Expectations
    • Communicate with congregation the need for material donations
    • Identify Team leaders and location at your site for production of MASK KITS
    • Set up site visit with ADRN leadership team
    • Identify your time of operation
    • Engage volunteers