Ruth's Story

 Ruth’s Story: A Central Texas Flood Survivor’s Story

Ruth was renting a house at 5109 Savorey Lane at the time of the flooding. She woke up at 5:00 am that morning to discover water already rising in her home. Her son and a friend were also in the home. After she woke them, they helped her to get out through a window. A neighbor saw them exiting their home and had them get on the back of their truck, barely escaping the rising waters.

Ruth lost everything, and was especially troubled by the loss of her photos. She had been the one in the family to keep photos, and didn’t have a way to replace them. She found a new place to live in Del Valle, and is getting on with her life. She continues to work at the Big Lots in Oak Hill.


With the love and support of one of ADRN’s network churches, The Lake Travis Church of Christ, Ruth received emotional and spiritual care through her Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) to help her get back on her feet. ADRN and The Lake Travis Church of Christ, assisted her in getting a new mattress set, and with $500 given towards the purchase of a new used car.  ( She was very grateful. )



To help more families like Ruth, a donation can be made to ADRN’s Disaster Relief Fund — helping families in times of crisis by meeting their emotional, physical and spiritual needs along with providing immediate and long-term assistance.