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ADRN's ministry serves those impacted by disaster through short and long-term support. There are several ways to give to our organization. To view giving opportunities to support ADRN's mission, click the button below. 


How can a Business and Organization Help?

ADRN has set up a special form for businesses and organizations that would like to get involved.  Please click here to inform us of your interests in helping ADRN with this disaster response.


Good Samaritan Partner   |   Pledge $10 Monthly   |   PARTNER NOW

As a Good Samaritan Partner, you are committing to $10 per month. The Parable of the Good Samaritan defined for us who our neighbors are and how we are called to help them in their time of disaster or crisis. The Good Samaritan met the immediate needs of the hurting man (relief phase) and he made provision for him at an inn so that he could heal and be restored (restoration phase).
 Luke 10:25-37

Noah Partner   |   Pledge $30 Monthly   |   PARTNER NOW

As a Noah Partner, you are committing to $30 per month. Noah may have been the first 'prepper', heeding the directives of the Lord he began preparing for the flood.  His provision included a 40 day supply of everything needed for his family and two of every kind of animal on earth! Noah and his family's ability to follow the Lord and prepare for the coming disaster was remarkable and brought restoration to mankind.
 Genesis 6:8-7:24

Joseph Partner   |   Pledge $100 Monthly   |   PARTNER NOW

As a Joseph Partner, you are committing to $100 per month. Joseph was a great leader. Through dreams, Joseph saw the coming drought upon Egypt and he began to prepare by storing up grain. During the drought, Joseph's preparation made way for every nation to survive one of the most 
catastrophic natural disasters of his time. 
Genesis 41

David Partner   |   Pledge $500 Monthly   |   PARTNER NOW

As a David Partner, you are committing to $500 per month. King David was the most extravagant giver in the Bible!  David gave out of his own special treasury, 3,000 talents of gold and 7,000 talents of silver to fund the building of the Lord's Temple in Jerusalem. In today's dollar value, David invested billions of dollars into God's plan.
 1 Chronicles 29


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