I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation

Welcome to I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation

This course is for anyone who wants to become an official ADRN badged volunteer. By becoming a badged Volunteer, you will represent ADRN’s Network of Greater Austin Churches to provide physical, emotional and spiritual aid to families or individuals impacted by crisis or disaster.  All ADRN volunteers are required to sign our Statement of Faith in order to become an official badged volunteer.  Volunteers who do not want to sign ADRN’s Statement of Faith can still volunteer as a Community Volunteer. Click here for community volunteer opportunities.

By joining ADRN's Network of Greater Austin Churches, you will be invited to:

    • Advance through our special training program pathways
    • Work directly with survivors through various volunteer opportunities
    • Deploy with ADRN wearing our official ADRN Yellow T-Shirt and Badge recognized as an official identification during deployment

Network Benefits

    • Receive a Photo ID Badge and Credentialing recognizable by local governments and agencies
    • A platform to deploy quickly and effectively to bring relief to the hurting
    • Receive Emergency Broadcast System communications to warn and activate you in times of emergency through mass text, voicemail and email
    • A training pathway to equip you emotionally, spiritually and physically, including Nationally Certified Courses
    • Access to a database that tracks your progress in training and preparedness
    • Invitations to participate in various ADRN Events, including Disaster Simulations, and our Annual Training Conference.
    • Personal and Family Preparedness Training Opportunities

Course Overview

Every new volunteer who wants to join the ADRN network is required to take this 2.5hr class to give you an introduction to ADRN and the training we provide, a volunteer roadmap for training and service, badging/credentials, how emergency response works in Greater Austin, individual/family preparedness and Prayer Hotline training as a base training for response. Every volunteer who completes this course will receive an ADRN yellow badge, become an official ADRN volunteer and certified to join the ADRN Prayer Hotline Team.

NEW! Prayer Hotline Training: We are so excited about this addition to our orientation. It's an opportunity to be His "Good Samaritan," to the people of greater Austin, simply by befriending and loving, comforting and supporting, and praying for those who have lost their peace and need hope. Will you be a listening ear and an open heart, one who brings hope back into someone's life? 

Take the Course In Person

If you'd like to take the I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation in person at a location near you, please check out our events calendar for upcoming scheduled classes, or email training@adrntx.org.

Take the Course Online

There are 2 PHASES to the online registration process to become an ADRN Volunteer and Prayer Hotline Team member. To be properly vetted, we ask that the following steps be taken in the order listed.

Upcoming Training Dates:

October 13, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Life Church, 1393 Woodview, Leander, TX 78641

For questions regarding I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation, contact training@adrntx.org.

PHASE I - Complete New Volunteer Application and Create Your Profile

1. Go to adrnvolunteer.org and click on the New Volunteer Application under New Users.

In the Agree Tab, make sure you check the boxes next to all of the following:

Statement of Faith
ADRN’s Ethics
Permission Notice
Consent to Release Background Check Info You will actually submit your background check in a future step.

2. Complete contact information on the Basic Info Tab and click the Save & Submit button at the top of the page.

3. Set up your username and password on the Profile Tab

4. To complete your Background Check go back to https://adrnvolunteer.org and login to your newly-created account using your username and password.  Select View My Profile and click Agree and Start Background Check on the Agree Tab. (This should take around 15 minutes to complete.)

5. Sign the Confidentiality Agreement on the Agree Tab.

If you have any questions or need help, please email training@adrntx.org. 



Please take a couple of minutes to go the Interests Tab on under View My Profile, and let us know which areas of training or volunteer opportunities you are most interested in.


PHASE II - Register for Training

1. Register for training. Login to adrnvolunteer.org and click Register for Training.

1a. Click the On Demand Trainings Tab and select I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation by clicking the Shopping Cart icon.

1b. Click the link at the top of the page to complete your registration.

2. Click on Site Home, then View My Profile, then On Demand to begin your training.