Call Center Online Training

Call Center Training

The Call Center is at the center of all disaster response for ADRN. In the middle of a crisis, ADRN’s Call Center may receive up to 1,000 calls per day from desperate people who need information, someone to talk to, prayer and/or sponsorship by one of the churches on our Network. Our Call Center also becomes an important place to collect vital resource information such as available supplies, donations, businesses offering their services, and volunteers offering their time.

Course Overview

This vital Call Center training will teach you how to operate our phone system, respond properly to those in dire need, and cover many different positions within the Call Center that are equally important. The last hour of the training will offer a realistic simulation to help you practice your newly learned skills and understand the fullness of the position. (NOT SURE WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE YET)

All online training courses are for badged ADRN volunteers only.  If you would like be become a badged ADRN volunteer, please complete our  I AM Ready™ Basic Training and Orientation online training course.


PHASE I - Prerequisites

1.  Go to to View My Profile.
If you have trouble logging in, email Please make sure your contact information on the Profile Tab is current. Be sure to click the Save & Submit button if you make changes.

2. Go to Agree Tab in your profile page to make sure your Confidentiality Agreement, Statement of Faith and ADRN Ethics Agreement are all signed, and make sure you have selected “agree” for your Background Check. This will take you to a new page to complete a Background Check if you have not completed a Background Check for ADRN in the last 36 months.



For a seamless online training experience please do not advance to Phase 2 until completing all of Phase 1.

Skipping steps can cause you to be unsuccessful in achieving your goal of completing this course.


PHASE II - Online Training Registration

1. Register for training. Login to and click Register for Training.

1a. Click the On Site/Live Trainings Tab and select Call Center Training
by clicking the Shopping Cart

1b. Click the link at the top of the page to complete your registration.

***You will receive an email on the day of training with a link to view the Live Training.***