Online Trainings

ADRN is happy to announce that we are now offering some of our key training courses online. For more information about each course or to begin training, click the links below.

I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation - for new onboarding ADRN Volunteers

Every new volunteer who wants to join the ADRN network is required to take this 3-hr class. In I Am Ready Basic Training & Orientation (with Prayer Hotline Training), you will get an introduction to ADRN and the training we provide, a Volunteer roadmap for training and service, badging/credentials, how emergency response works in Greater Austin, and CERT individual/family preparedness training. Every volunteer who completes this course will receive an ADRN badge and become a certified ADRN volunteer.  Take the I AM Ready Basic Training & Orientation course (with Prayer Hotline Training) online.

I AM Ready™ Prayer Hotline Training - for existing ADRN Volunteers

This 2 hr class gives you an introduction to ADRN's new Prayer Hotline Training sharing with you vision how to respond to survivors with emotional care and prayer, how to use the system, and protocols.  All ADRN Yellow badged and White Badged volunteers qualify to take this training. Take the I AM Ready Prayer Hotline Training


Preparedness Peace - click here for more info


Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Training

ADRN highly recommends this internationally recognized training for volunteers who are called to help people in times of crisis and/or called to the mission field. This training will equip participants to deal with the mental, emotional and spiritual issues most people encounter in times of disaster, including trauma, learning debriefing techniques and much more.  ONLINE CISM Training available now. Log in at, Register For Training, Online Training.

Disaster Relief Shepherd Program Training

The Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) is one of  the most important leadership positions in ADRN that a volunteer can fulfill within their church in times of disaster. The DRS role is to to walk along-side a family, that has potentially lost everything, who needs a Good Samaritan to walk with them through the process of recovery, until their feet are back on the ground.We are honored by your willingness to step into what God is doing through ADRN and Local Austin Area Churches.  Take the Disaster Relief Shepherd Training course online.


ADRN offers Spiritual Trainings to Volunteers that are foundational to the culture of ADRN as well as helps to expand knowledge to the Word of God. Our Spiritual Training also builds confidence in the Volunteer to be able to respond to survivors in a godly manner.  Participating in ADRN Trainings draws Volunteers into a fuller knowledge of the Word of God and builds genuine intimacy with God.  Review our online Spiritual Trainings here.

Spiritual Readiness in Times of Disaster

This foundational training class will help you become spiritually prepared and grounded in truth so you can help people in need, during times of disaster (including yourself). You will also learn how to apply 7 key provisions made available to every born again believer to empower you to stand against the wiles of the enemy and to walk in faith to overcome trials and tribulations that may occur in times of crisis.

Walking in the Spirit in Times of Disaster

This course is designed to remove any mystery behind “walking in the Spirit” and give practical steps on how to walk in the spirit, especially in times of crisis. Areas of focus are practicing the fruits of the spirit, agreeing and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit and knowing what is means to walk, live and be led by the Holy Spirit. We will also consider our current challenges as humans and how to overcome through His grace; there will be numerous practice times.

Conflict Resolution in Times of Crisis

This important spiritual training to provide the necessary tools for volunteers to help loved ones, friends and survivors affected by disaster, experiencing great stress and conflict within their marriage or family. The course will teach you how to deal with and resolve conflict in a biblical and godly way.

Psalm 91:1 (911) The Protection of the Lord

This course is for every volunteer who desires to understand and walk in the protection of the Lord in times of disaster and/or want to overcome fear. We will cover the topics of Psalm 91, spiritual authority, intimacy with the Lord, covenant relationships and the relationship with the Body of Christ.

Walking in the Compassion of Christ

What would it look like for the Body of Christ to walk in the beauty of Christ’s compassion for the lost, hurting, desperate and needy in times of disaster? The goal of this training is to equip you in multiple ways to help you demonstrate the compassion of Christ in order to meet the needs of those affected by disaster.