16-Year-Old Makes It Her Business To Bring Hope To Those In Crisis

Jennifer Fang founded her company Nutssosweet to support healthy eating and the Austin community at the same time. With some help from her younger sister, she makes and sells donuts, sweet bread, a variety of granola mixtures, and mason jars full of nutrient-dense nut butter. Nutssosweet’s organic products are more than just delicious and nutritious – they offer hope to Austin-area disaster survivors.

Jennifer launched Nutssosweet at the end of April, reinforcing her interest in business while simultaneously helping those in the community suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

80% of Nutssosweet’s proceeds go to ADRN’s COVID-19 and disaster relief funds, over $1000 so far.

This young entrepreneur says she loves being a part of the small business community in Austin. “I’ve been able to start this business myself and been able to get into that [small business] circle and see it for myself,” Jennifer says. “It’s amazing! Every time I receive an order on my website, I’m incredibly grateful.”

In between her school studies and social life, she’s managed to keep the company going and growing in the process. She says she’s looking forward to continuing the business and her support of ADRN through her high school years.

“It’s definitely exhausting at times,” Jennifer says, “but the benefits are so worth it.”

Business partners like Nuttsosweet make it possible for ADRN to offer hope in times of crisis to our Austin area neighbors. #HopeIsEssential for survivors to take the first steps towards recovery and rebuilding their lives and their homes. ADRN equips churches and individuals to offer that hope by coming alongside survivors with physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Find out more on the Nutssosweet Website.