Northgate Apartment Fire

Photo Copyright ADRN 2022
Photo Copyright ADRN 2022

Help us bring hope into crisis for our north Austin neighbors

ADRN is coming alongside residents of the Ventura Apartment Complex on Northgate Blvd. with housing, food, clothing, and other supplies they need following the fire that destroyed much of the complex and forced all residents to evacuate. Follow this page for daily updates on the survivors' needs and ADRN's response.

We are asking trained and badged ADRN volunteers to stand ready to support these survivors emotionally and spiritually over the next few days and weeks.

ADRN will support survivors from this fire through our General Disaster Fund. This fund supports ADRN’s response to “general” local disasters such as apartment fires, house fires, floods, and storm damage to one or more homes. ADRN responds to an average of 80-100 general disasters in our five-county area each year.