Northgate Apartment Fire 2022 Press Release – 1/7/22


Austin, Texas, January 7, 2022 – The Austin Disaster Relief Network goes into action today to help care for residents of the Ventura Apartment Complex after they’ve been displaced from their homes. The early morning fire on Northgate Blvd. left four people in the hospital and forced the entire complex to evacuate. With most, if not all, of the 40 units damaged by flames, smoke, and water, ADRN is coordinating their response with the Central Texas Red Cross to take care of the residents’ needs in the short- and long-term.

“It’s hard to imagine the trauma these people are going through,” said ADRN Associate Director Stephen
Brewer. “We pray for quick healing for those who were injured, and we’re also deeply concerned for all the
residents who find themselves suddenly without a home tonight. We’re here to help today, tomorrow, next
week – however long it takes to help them return to a safe and clean place to live.”

Those impacted by the fire will have access to emergency housing through the Red Cross, and ADRN will help
meet their needs through this weekend and beyond. In addition to making sure residents have food and a
place to sleep in the short term, ADRN will provide them access to clothing and other supplies that they may
need through their General Disaster Fund and the Hope Family Thrift Store.

ADRN trained and badged volunteers also stand ready to support people emotionally and spiritually as the
smoke clears and they begin the long road to recovery. As volunteers interact with survivors in the coming
days, they’ll assess what each family needs and then connect them to available resources including gift cards for gas and food, and temporary housing.

Anyone who wants to help the Ventura Apartment residents can donate to ADRN’s General Disaster Fund.
This fund supports ADRN’s response to “general” local disasters such as apartment fires, house fires, floods,
and storm damage to one or more homes. ADRN responds to an average of 80-100 general disasters in our
five-county area each year.

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