From Dribbling to Delivering — #YellowShirt Spotlight

In these difficult times it is most reassuring to know there are folks willing to put those who are less fortunate before their own interests. When the COVID-19 crisis hit the city of Austin, Nick Erskine, one of ADRN’s newest volunteers, did just that.

“I wanted to serve in some way and give back because I know a lot of people were struggling more than me,” Nick said.

Although he is originally from Los Angeles, Nick has been living in Austin for the past ten years. He’s the owner and operator of the youth sports program, ATX Ballers. When COVID-19 resulted in the temporary closure of his business, he felt a strong desire to serve those impacted by the crisis.
“It’s something we’re all called to do in some way, whether it’s a pandemic or not,” Nick said. “We’re called to give back, especially to the less fortunate, like Jesus did.”

Nick might be new to the scene when it comes to volunteering with ADRN, but that’s not to say he hasn’t already made quite the impact. After receiving his yellow shirt and badge, he began volunteering five days a week, sorting, packaging, and distributing food to the homeless and high-risk staying in voluntary isolation at two local hotels.

“I definitely have a heart to help people who are less fortunate,” Nick said. “I’m really excited to be a part of ADRN and looking forward to volunteering in the future.”

Nick has gone above and beyond, though, spreading the word about ADRN in an attempt to recruit more volunteers through his church’s Facebook group and reaching out to his circle of coaching staff.

We are especially grateful to Nick and all of our yellow shirts who give their time and energy helping others in need. You are truly doing God’s work! THANK YOU!

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