National Training Academy

ADRN’s National Training Academy – Coming Soon!

With a 400% surge in disasters worldwide since 1980 and a considerable increase in the size and scope of these disasters, there’s a growing need for the Church to work together within their cities to be better prepared to mobilize and respond to disasters as one voice with one mission.

It’s no longer “if” a disaster will strike but “when.”

The Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) has developed a new program – the National Training Academy (NTA) -- to equip and empower leaders around the nation and globe to create networks based on our model in order to respond to disasters.

The NTA will provide city and church leaders with the training and support they need to form a church network, train volunteers, respond to disasters, and provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to the survivors impacted.

To date, ADRN has helped launch Church networks and/or Church-based, long-term recovery teams in 12 cities in the U.S., including California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas.

We’re looking forward to helping more cities and church leaders launch disaster relief networks in the near future.



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Hear what disaster relief network leaders who attended the preliminary launch of our NTA in September 2019 had to say about the training. Watch the video below!

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Watch this video to see how our partnership with church and city leaders helped form the Highland Lakes Crisis Network, and the impact it made in the wake of the Highland Lakes Floods of 2018.

ADRN isn’t just a non-profit organization, it’s a network of churches united to bring hope into crisis throughout our area. Watch this video to see how we equip and mobilize the church and train the body of Christ to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of families impacted by disaster.

How do you unite, train, equip and mobilize the Church to respond in times of disaster? What does it take to get behind the yellow-tape in a crisis? How do you support survivors through their recovery? Find out as you watch our story unfold in this video that looks at the first 10 years of our history.

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If you are a leader of a House of Prayer in the U.S., ADRN would like to help you become prepared to meet the emotional, spiritual needs of those impacted by disaster and/or the coming crisis.  Watch this special video to hear our story and HOPE Prayer Room’s story.