Launch a Network in Your City

Since 1980, disasters have quadrupled worldwide and have considerably increased in size and scope. Disasters are too large for one church, one ministry, or a local government to handle.  The need for the local church to work together is greater than ever before.  It’s no longer “if” a disaster will strike but “when” and will the church in your city be ready (Rev. 19:7)?

Austin Disaster Relief Network™ (ADRN) believes a God orchestrated storm is coming (Luke 21, Matthew 24 & 25) and only a God orchestrated plan will be effective in the days ahead.  We believe He is asking His Church to build an “Ark of Safety” now by planning, training, and preparing Churches in advance to effectively mobilize together to ultimately become a Life-Sustaining Church™ Network, to thrive and advance His kingdom in times of crisis.

Join us for our One-Day Symposium or register for the National Training Academy, a 4-Day intensive training, to find out how you can take the first steps to prepare your city. See details below.


To date, ADRN has helped launch Church networks and/or Church-based, long-term recovery teams in 15 cities in the U.S., including California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas.

6 - Connected in Crisis™ Program
9 - National Training Academy (NTA)



One Day Symposium

How to Launch a Disaster Relief Network in Your City

This special, one-day event is designed to introduce you and your team to what a united network of churches in your city can accomplish in times of crisis for God’s Kingdom.

In this one day event, you will:

  • Observe the benefits of a united network of churches by touring ADRN's headquarters, thrift store, and prayer center.
  • Interact with ADRN’s leadership to learn how you can unite churches in your city to make the same impact.
  • Network with local Austin pastors to learn more about the power of a church network in times of disaster.
  • Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of like-minded individuals to hear what God is saying regarding your next steps to launch a church network in your city.

Join us for one impactful day that could change the way the Church in your city responds to crisis by pre-registering today!


NOTE: COVID protocols will be followed for everyone's health and safety.


Wednesday, August 18, 2021
8 am - 8 pm CST

ADRN Headquarters
1122 East 51st Street
Austin, Texas 78723

$250.00 first attendee; $60.00 per additional attendee from your city

Included: Continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided.





National Training Academy (4-Days)

How to Establish a Disaster Relief Network in Your City

The National Training Academy was created to prepare His Church in cities across the nation. This 4-day intensive training will provide you (and your team) with the nuts and bolts of how to establish a Disaster Relief Network. The next National Training Academy begins October 18 – 21, 2021.

For more information and to pre-register, please complete the form.
Scholarship pricing is available.

NOTE: COVID protocols will be followed for everyone's health and safety.

October 18, 2021 - October 21, 2021

ADRN Headquarters
1122 East 51st Street
Austin, Texas 78723

Connected in Crisis™ Program

Develop Recovery Plans and Connect Resources in the Midst of a Disaster Response with ADRN Support

Impacted by disaster? Need assistance in developing recovery plans and connecting resources?

When disaster strikes, ADRN’s national team is ready to support, equip and train a group of spiritual leaders in an affected area to help launch a church network disaster relief organization in order to meet the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of those affected by the disaster.  ADRN’s Connected in Crisis™ program helps launch a new Disaster Relief Network (DRN) by providing key services and resources for rapid response in your community and city. For more information, please contact us today.

Disaster Support - Estimated 2-6 weeks

On Location in City Impacted

Learn More

VIDEO: Scaling ADRN's Model Through the National Training Academy

Hear what disaster relief network leaders who attended the preliminary launch of our NTA in September 2019 had to say about the training. Watch the video below!

VIDEO: Partnering to Form the Highland Lakes Crisis Network

Watch this video to see how our partnership with church and city leaders helped form the Highland Lakes Crisis Network, and the impact it made in the wake of the Highland Lakes Floods of 2018.

About Austin Disaster Relief Network (Videos)


ADRN isn’t just a non-profit organization, it’s a network of churches united to bring hope into crisis throughout our area. Watch this video to see how we equip and mobilize the church and train the body of Christ to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of families impacted by disaster.


How do you unite, train, equip and mobilize the Church to respond in times of disaster? What does it take to get behind the yellow tape in a crisis? How do you support survivors through their recovery? Find out as you watch our story unfold in this video that looks at the first 10 years of our history.


In times of crisis, we all want to help. But what does it take to help a community devastated by a disaster. And how can the Church work together to lead the response? Find out in this video about a Church network that formed in the aftermath of a disaster and continues to serve its community today.


If you are a leader of a House of Prayer in the U.S., ADRN would like to help you become prepared to meet the emotional, spiritual needs of those impacted by disaster and/or the coming crisis.  Watch this special video to hear our story and HOPE Prayer Room’s story.

About Austin Disaster Relief Network

The ADRN Model

Over the last 12 years, ADRN’s network of churches has met the emotional, spiritual, and/or physical needs of hundreds of thousands of survivors that were impacted by natural or man-made disasters. Through testing and trials, ADRN’s God-given model has proven to be very effective in mobilizing, preparing, and equipping the church to respond quickly and effectively in times of crisis. Through it, the Greater Austin Church has become very relevant in the eyes of the City of Austin and local/county government agencies opening up doors no one ever dreamed would open. God is so good! Watch ADRN's Winter Storm Uri response, what experts are calling the most destructive storm in U.S. history!

Disasters on the Rise

Since 1980, disasters have quadrupled in number, to over 850+ disasters per year worldwide. They have also increased in size, in some cases, destroying entire cities. No longer can one church, one ministry or one city government meet the needs of a disaster-impacted area without becoming overwhelmed. It takes the entire community of Churches to come together, plan and train and mobilize as One Church to truly impact a whole community.