Lifted from Rubble

An ADRN God Story, May 2013
Moore, Oklahoma Disaster Response

Deployed in Moore, Oklahoma, One of ADRN’s Emotional Care team leaders were approached by a crying man, John, who needed to share his amazing testimony. John told our leader that when reports of the tornado went out, he jumped in his car and drove 90 miles an hour to save his daughter from the tornado heading towards the Elementary School.  He arrived just in time, pulled her out of school and ran across the street to a friend who had a storm cellar before the school was destroyed.  Fortunately, he, his daughter and the owning family were able to get inside the storm cellar before the F5 tornado ripped through and destroyed their neighborhood.  After the tornado passed by, John tried to push open the cellar door but a brick wall had fallen on the cellar door. John was able to maneuver himself out, lift and move the brick wall 10 feet and pull the family out.  Afterwards, John heard additional screams for help from two other homes whose family members were trapped in their storm cellar.  Fortunately, these families were also rescued by John.  After this rescue, John heard an older woman crying out for help, and it turned out to be an elderly woman sitting on a large pile of rubble.  It took John 5-7 minutes to climb to the top and slowly bring down the elderly woman (he does not know how she got on top of the rubble) and she tells him to look for her husband.  John begins to look for the husband and finds him partially buried in the rubble unconscious.  John climbs the rubble to reach him and he suddenly opens his eyes, reaches out and grabs John’s hand and says “I love you!” and dies.

John, an unbeliever who had been beginning to search for God knew at that moment God was speaking to him of His love for him and leaving a message for his wife.  After John tells his amazing story of rescue to our team leader (sobbing through it), our team leader shares the good news with God and John gives his life over to Jesus under the ADRN tent.  John’s countenance changes and the man begins to praise God!  Our leader encourages John to make a memorial at the location to remember the day and his surrender to Jesus. He agrees and wants to use it to tell others of his story!  Afterwards, a tall woman with tattoos on her arms walks up to the tent, seeing John in tears of joy and asks what is going on. They tell her the story and she praises God and tells John “consider me your new sister in Christ” and hugs him.  Yeah God!!